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Wild Goose
September 29, 2014

Format: Compact Disc



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The Old Swan Band celebrate their 40th anniversary with this eclectic selection of tunes. Whether English, Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, Australian, traditional or composed, borrowed and/or adapted, they all end up with that distinctive Old Swan Band 'stamp'.

The musicians who make up this band also play in several other bands (a dozen or so to be imprecise) and tunes leap across the spaces between and re-seed themselves.

Notes and names change, tempos and keys vary, but they all end up in the same place ? on the dance floor. We hope you'll enjoy listening to this music but our abiding wish is that you'll roll back the carpet, get the right shoes on and shake a leg. That's what legs are for.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Devon Bonny Breastknot/Getting Upstairs -
2. Salford Lasses/Lady Compton’s Whim/Welsh Jigg -
3. Leeds Polka/Jenny Bell Polka -
4. Gypsy’s Hornpipe/Astley’s Hornpipe/Coleford Jig -
5. Les Trois Puits/Barbara Allen/The Green Ship -
6. La Ouelette/Parnell’s March -
7. Varsoviennes: Herbert Smith’s/Sally Sloane’s/Rita Baker’s -
8. Whistling Rufus/Woodland Revels -
9. The Queer Fella’s Shot-ese/Hayward’s Shottische -
10. Not For Joe/Seamo’s Polka -
11. The Rose Tree/(The Bottom of) The Punchbowl -
12. Covent Garden Row/Hunting The Hare/Hop Jig/Bishop of Chester’s Jig -
13. Alexandra Park/President Garfield -
14. Kelso Fiddle & Accordion Club/March of St. Timothy -