Evolutsiya! 40 Best And Rarest 1991-2016 (2CD)

The Ukrainians

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World Music, Folk-Rock
Zirka Records
August 26, 2016

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The Ukrainians' stunning 'Evolutsiya!' album features 20 of the band's best-loved tracks and 20 of their rarest from the last 25 years! All sound raw and fresh, as vodka-fuelled fiddles, accordion and mandolins interweave with thrashing drums and zizzy electric guitars ? an energy level they have maintained unbelievably for a quarter of a century!

CD1 collects the most popular tracks from their 6 critically-acclaimed studio albums;
CD2 contains the best tracks from deleted singles, EPs and live albums plus previously unreleased live and studio tracks. So, the album will appeal to fans new and old!

The Ukrainians created their intoxicating cocktail of traditional Ukrainian music and British Indie pop even before the term 'world music' had been coined. The NME said of the band's live shows that they "blow your trousers off"! In fact The Ukrainians' energy and cross-category appeal has meant that over the last two and a half decades they have wowed audiences at hundreds of World / Folk / Roots as well as Rock festivals throughout Europe and North America, including both Glastonbury and Womad in the UK.

As well as raiding the traditional Ukrainian folk repertoire The Ukrainians write their own songs and play Ukrainian language versions of Western pop songs, here including their very idiosyncratic interpretations of classic tracks by Kraftwerk, Motorhead, The Smiths, The Mamas and the Papas, Joy Division, The Sex Pistols and The Velvet Underground.

The Ukrainians' career began with their eponymously-titled debut album in 1991, the same year that Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union. Since then the band has released a series of critically-acclaimed albums including 2009's excellent Diaspora, an album about migration: the heartbreak of leaving family and homeland coupled with the excitement of starting a new life. This album was and is extremely topical at a time when tens of thousands of young Ukrainians, Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians are making new homes in the West.

Some members of the band have Ukrainian parents or eastern European ancestry and feel a strong connection to the lands of their ancestors. The themes of their songs have travelled down the generations, as if they had hitched a DNA ride to the present day. Yet The Ukrainians transcend geographical and political borders; as well as being specifically Ukrainian, the band's music and themes are truly universal.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-01 Vykhid 04:24:00
2. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-02 Oi Divchino 03:54:00
3. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-03 Durak 03:23:00
4. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-04 Cherez Richku Cherez Hai 03:28:00
5. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-05 Emigranty 02:35
6. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-06 Sobache Zhyttya 04:00
7. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-07 Europa 04:02
8. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-08 Polityka 03:52
9. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-09 Slava 03:46
10. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-10 Smert 04:35
11. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-11 Chervona Rozha Troyaka 02:48
12. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-12 Oi Vydno Selo 03:01
13. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-13 Ty Zh Mene Pidmanula 02:55
14. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-14 Ti Moyi Radoshchi 02:20
15. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-15 Chlib 01:57
16. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-16 Son 04:21
17. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-17 Tuz Pik (Ace Of Spades) 02:59
18. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-18 Model (The Model) 04:36
19. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-19 Koroleva Ne Pomerla (The Queen Is Dead) 04:27
20. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-01-20 Chekannya (Venus In Furs) 04:39

Disc 2

Track Listing — Disc 2

Song Title Time
1. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-01 Ranenko (Oy Ty Zhayvoronku) 04:38
2. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-02 Oy Dunayu Dunayu 03:45
3. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-03 Chy Znayesh Ty (new Version) 03:15
4. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-04 De Ye Moya Mila (alternative Mix) 02:29
5. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-05 Zrada 05:24
6. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-06 Lebedi Materynstva 03:00
7. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-07 Vorony (alternative Mix) 04:14
8. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-08 Radioaktivnist (Radioactivity) (radio Edit) 03:55
9. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-09 Telstar 04:26
10. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-10 Diaspora (third Wave Mix) 02:59
11. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-11 Nadia Pishla (alternative Mix) 04:41
12. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-12 Anarkhiya (Anarchy In The UK) (live In Czeremcha) 02:43
13. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-13 Pro Kaliforniyi Mriyu / Vona Vtratyla Kontrol (California Dreaming / She's Lost Control) (live In Leeds) 03:58
14. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-14 Zavtra (live In Reading) 03:27
15. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-15 Tiutiunnyk (live In Manchester) 01:20
16. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-16 Shche Raz (live In Manchester) 01:53
17. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-17 Zadumav Didochok (live In Manchester) 02:20
18. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-18 Teper My Hovorymo (live In Czeremcha) 02:59
19. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-19 Oi Na Hori (live In Czeremcha) 03:03
20. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/4/40/401/4015698005769/4015698005769-02-20 Verkhovyno (live In Czeremcha) 09:36