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December 1, 2014

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Trio Mediaeval - three Scandinavian women whose singing produces "a sound of extraordinary and consoling beauty," says the Boston Globe - offer a collection of polyphony from the medieval to the modern titled after the North Wind, 'Aquilonis'.

On this recording one can sense a reference in the title to the Nordic roots of the singers, as well as the bracing purity of their voices; moreover, the album's repertoire travels from Iceland to Italy, from north to south like the Aquilonis wind. In creatively realising the music of one Saint Thorlak - who died in Iceland just before Christmas 1193 - Trio Mediaeval accompany their vocals with discreetly textural instrumentation. The group has also arranged 12th-century Italian chant and sings 15th-century English carols, with timeless Scandinavian folk melodies in the air, too.

From our contemporary age come pieces by the Swede Anders Jormin (best known as a leading jazz bassist), American William Brooks and Englishman Andrew Smith. Former Hilliard Ensemble tenor John Potter, in his liner notes for 'Aquilonis', aptly describes Trio Mediaeval's ability to "create a synthesis of sound and atmosphere...history and geography blending seamlessly".

The album was recorded, like four of Trio Mediaeval's previous five, at the monastery of St Gerold in the Austrian Alps - in June 2014. It's the first of the trio's discs to feature Berit Opheim, alongside Anna Maria Friman and Linn Andrea Fuglseth.

Personnel: Anna Maria Friman (voice, hardanger fiddle, melody chimes), Linn Andrea Fuglseth (voice, portable organ, melody chimes), Berit Opheim (voice, melody chimes)

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Vespers reponsory (From the Office of St. Thorlak, C14, Iceland / Arr.: Trio Mediaeval) 02:44
2. Ama (Anders Jormin) 02:47
3. Ave rex angelorum (Carol, C15, England) 02:15
4. Ecce quod natura mutat sua jura (Carol, C15, England) 04:42
5. Ave maris stella 02:32
6. Vespers antiphon and psalm I,II,III (From the Office of St. Thorlak, C14, Iceland / Arr.: Trio Mediaeval) 07:12
7. Ioseph fili David 02:37
8. Ave regina caelorum (Andrew Smith) 01:35
9. Alleluia: A newë work (Carol, C15, England) 04:47
10. Morgonljos (Anna.M.Friman / Linn.A.Fuglseth) 01:19
11. Vespers antiphon and psalm IV, V (From the Office of St. Thorlak, C14, Iceland / Arr.: Trio Mediaeval) 03:32
12. Fammi cantar l'amor (Laude, C12, Italy Arr.: Anna.M.Friman / Linn.A.Fuglseth) 02:49
13. Gud unde oss her at leve så (Melody: After Ola Vanberg, Norway Text: Unknown Arr.: Opheim) 01:56
14. Benedicti e llaudati (Laude, C12, Italy Arr.: Anna.M.Friman / Linn.A.Fuglseth) 04:40
15. Klokkeljom (Trio Mediaeval) 00:47
16. Special antiphon (From the Office of St. Thorlak, C14, Iceland) 01:55
17. Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro (Traditional) 05:04
18. Fryd dig, du Kristi brud (Traditional) 03:34
19. I hamrinum (BeritOpheim / Anna M.Friman) 01:00
20. Vale, dulcis amice (William Brooks) 03:05