Blues Harp Women (2CD)

Various Artists

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Big Mama Thornton is responsible for this album. I played one of her tracks on my radio show, heard a nice harmonica solo and checked the liner notes to see who it was. It was Big Mama! It was the first time I recall hearing a woman playing blues harp and it set the wheels turning in my head. I started wondering if there were other women who played the harmonica and why they are virtually unknown. I began searching. Eventually I found others, then more. I was inspired to create a website. As I was discussing it with a friend, he mispronounced harmonica as "hermonica". "That's it!" I shouted. "That's the name for the website!"

So was born and became what Adam Gussow called "the definitive site on women harmonica players." We discovered and contacted almost 200 players around the world. There was some discussion on putting an album together. As far as we know, it had never been done before. A label-owning friend suggested I try Ruf Records and (bless his heart) Tom Ruf agreed to back the project.

It has taken a few years and numerous obstacles to overcome, (working with 30-plus artists can get very complicated) but finally the album is finished and is about to become a unique part of music history; the very first women's blues harmonica compilation album ever made!

I hope this album will shed some light on what has been a black hole in the blues universe. It proves that as with other instruments, women are the equal of men on the harmonica. Perhaps this will help them get the attention that has passed them by in the past. I am delighted to have been a part of this project.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Harmonica Girl Ft. Paula Rangell 04:25
2. Roadmaster Ft. Roxy Perry 04:16
3. Heavy Water Ft. Stacy Jones Band 05:45
4. Down Home Shakedown Ft. Big Mama Thornton 03:33
5. 32-20 Blues - Lynnann Hyde 04:45
6. Down To The Hollow Ft. Trina Hamlin 04:26
7. Stop! Wait A Minute Ft. Tracy K 03:33
8. One More Lie Ft. Teresa "T-Bird" Lynne 05:08
9. Naughty Girl Ft. Octavia 04:39
10. Why You So Mean To Me Ft. Kat Baloun 04:50
11. Ain't Easy Ft. Beth Kohnen 03:20
12. Stuck On You Ft. Jane Gillman 02:48
13. Mechanical Beast Ft. Zola Moon 04:07
14. Please Call Daddy Ft. Mattie Phifer 05:17
15. Sadder Than Sad Ft. Dorothy Jane "DJ" Gosper 08:51

Disc 2

Track Listing — Disc 2

Song Title Time
1. Cash Is King Ft. Jenny Kerr 03:35
2. Blues Got Me Ft. Cheryl Arena 06:25
3. Lookin' Good Ft. Annie Raines 07:33
4. He's Gone Ft. Marion Turner 03:18
5. Meet Me Where They Play The Blues Ft. Terry Leonino 03:58
6. Crazy Maisie Ft. Dana Dixon 04:28
7. Everybody's Dancing Ft. Beata Kossowska 03:02
8. Take The Lead Ft. Jill Fromewick 03:26
9. Never Leave Me Home Ft. Diana Redlin 03:07
10. Summertime Ft. Christelle Berthon 04:26
11. Hit The Road Ft. Judy Rudin 04:22
12. Doctor C Ft. Cecilia Loforti 04:02
13. Rikers Island Ft. Maria Coyote 03:35
14. Fast Food Mama Ft. Jackie Merritt 02:50
15. Bring It On Home (To Me) Ft. Big Nancy 03:29
16. Rhonda Alla Blue Ft. Rhonda Rucker 03:13