I'm A Freak 2 Baby ~ A Further Journey Through The British Heavy Psych & Hard Rock Underground Scene: 1968-1973 (3CD)

Various Artists

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January 25, 2019

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Released in 2016, I'm A Freak Baby - Grapefruit's 3-CD overview of the UK's late Sixties/early Seventies nascent hard rock/proto-metal scene - received rapturous acclaim from pundits and punters alike, with The Guardian's "grim, grey and glorious" summary succinctly capturing the general response to the set. Three years later, the woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks again.

And, like all good follow-ups, I'm A Freak 2 Baby expands upon the original while simultaneously tightening the stylistic mesh..In addition to further selections from some of the subterranean stars of the first volume (Iron Claw, the semi-housetrained Stack Waddy, the even more semi-housetrained Wicked Lady), we feature many of the genre's pioneers, with key tracks from The Jeff Beck Group, Edgar Broughton Band, Atomic Rooster and High Tide. .Our scope ranges from Top Five hit singles (Love Sculpture's manic, heavily influential 'Sabre Dance' and the original brass-free demo version of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown's gothic masterpiece 'Fire') to a clutch of bands (Thor, Tonge, Tarsus and several others) that were active during our timeframe but didn't get beyond locally-recorded demos. We also feature tracks from some of the rarest albums of the era (Red Dirt, Leaf Hound, Dogfeet, Bodkin, Human Beast, Astral Navigations etc)..During our journey, we stumble across Sabbath acolytes, Zeppelin wannabes, musicians' cooperatives, future legends, Satanism, shamanism, sham-Satanism, industrial-strength levels of reassuringly non-PC attitude and more cowbell than any sane individual could reasonably tolerate..Boasting a lavish 40-page booklet full of rare photos and memorabilia from the era, many recordings making their first appearance on CD and several cuts gaining their first-ever release in any format, I'm A Freak 2 Baby is another essential addition to Grapefruit's ever-increasing catalogue of UK late Sixties/early Seventies genre anthologies.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Guts -
2. Shapes Of Things -
3. Run The Night -
4. The Man Who Paints The Pictures -
5. Rosie -
6. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues -
7. Chocolate Piano -
8. Clawstrophobia -
9. Plastic Man -
10. Let's All Watch The Sky Fall Down -
11. Mother Grease The Cat -
12. Rosalyn -
13. Horse -
14. Sabre Dance -
15. Dog Man -
16. Freelance Fiend -
17. Loud Green Song -
18. Winter Of My Love -

Disc 2

Track Listing — Disc 2

Song Title Time
1. Woman For Sale -
2. Death Walks Behind You -
3. Apache Drop Out -
4. Turn On, Or Turn Me Down -
5. Brain Worker -
6. Early In Spring -
7. Somewhere To Go -
8. Armageddon -
9. Down And Out -
10. Brush With The Midnight Butterfly -
11. R.C.8. (Demo Version) -
12. Wait A While -
13. Daze -
14. Old Father Time -
15. Ashen Besher -
16. Fussing And Fighting -
17. Going Down -

Disc 3

Track Listing — Disc 3

Song Title Time
1. Futilista's Lament -
2. Yesterday -
3. Woman -
4. Confusion -
5. So Long I'm Moving On -
6. Fire! (Demo Version) -
7. Early Morning Sun -
8. Is There Any Doubt? -
9. Back In Time -
10. Name Of The Game -
11. Sinister Minister -
12. I Need Someone -
13. The Nymph -
14. Hoochie Coochie Man -
15. Someone's Been At My Woman -
16. Big Jim Salter -
17. Paranoid -
18. Lucifer Corpus -