Round The House & Mind The Dresser

Various Artists

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"Round The House & Mind The Dresser" is an outstanding and remarkable collection of Irish traditional music. This collection presents the 'other side' of Irish traditional music, there are no jigs and reels on here, instead this album concertrates onpolkas, slides, the mazurka, waltzes and barndances.
Featuring some of the masters of the time including Michael Coleman, Johnny Doherty, Johnny O'Leary, Jimmy Powers, Julia Clifford, The Flangan Brothers, Hugh Gillespie, Paddy Killoran, Frank Quinn and many others. Compilied by Reg Hall this collection features a lavish booklet with great period photos and extensive sleevenotes. Incredible re-mastered sound from rare original sources.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Come To The Fair / Sixpenny Bit / The Barren Rocks Of Aden: Polkas For The Set - Erin's Pride Orches -
2. Mike Sullivan's / Tom Billy's: Fling & Hornpipe For The Set - Johnny O'Leary -
3. The Twenty-one Highland: Fling For The Highland - Johnny Docherty -
4. Sean Hayes's ? If there Weren't Any Women In The World: Tunes For The Barndance - Gene Kelly -
5. The Little Fair Child: Song Air For The Old-Time Waltz - Jimmy Power -
6. Unititled / Limerick Races: Flings For The Highland - The Four Provinces Orchestra -
7. The First Of May / The Last Of June: Polkas For The Set - Rose Murphy -
8. Untitled: Tune For The First Part Of The Lancers - Tommy Healy & Johnny Duffy -
9. Casey's Favourites: Fling's For The Highland - Flanagan Brothers -
10. Padaig o'Keefe's : March For The Set / Untitled: Slide For The Set - Julia Clifford -
11. Untitled / Untitled/ Lord Moira: Flings For The Highland - Flanagan Brothers -
12. The Stack Of Barley / Bantry Bay: Hornpipes For The Stack Of Barley - Michael Coleman & J.P. Dol -
13. The Road To Ballisadaare: Hornpipe For Sean Nos Stepdancing - Rose Murphy -
14. Untitled: Tune For The Mazurka - Hugh Gillespie -
15. She Hasn't The Thing She Thought She Had: Single Jig For The Set The Cat In The Corner: Polka For Th -
16. McDermott's / Memeories Of Sligo: Tunes For The Barndance - Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney -
17. The Worn Torn Petticoat / Denis O'Keefe's Favourite: Slides For The Set - Johnny O'Leaery & Maur -
18. Katy Jones Reel: Fling For The Highland - Frank Quinn -
19. Mrs Kenney: Tune For The Old-Time Waltz - Johnny Duffy -
20. Up And Away / The Merry Girl: Polkas For The Set - Julia Clifford -
21. Julia Clifford's / Bill The Weaver's: Polkas For The Set - Julia Clifford -
22. Marquis Of Huntley / Skin-A-Ma-Rink: Flings For The Highland - The Four Provinces Orchestra -
23. Stack Ryan's: Polka For The Set - Bernard O'Sullivan -
24. Batt Henry's Favourite / Untitled: Tunes For The Barndance - Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney -
25. Reagan's: Slide For The Set - Terry Teahan -
26. The Versavienna / Untitled / Untitled: Tunes For The Versavienna & The Old Time Waltz - Michael -
27. The Return Of Spring / The Mountain Pathway: Polkas For The Set - James Morrison -
28. The Flowing Tide: Hornpipe For The Cashel Set - Billy Clifford -