Terraforming In Analogue Space - IRL Remixes 2000 - 2015 (2CD)

Various Artists

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February 24, 2017

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The Label that introduced Tinariwen and the Malawi Mouse Boys amoungst many others celebrates their 100th release! (CD INCLUDES ORIGINAL VERSIONS)
Independent Records Ltd / Wayward Records wanted to release a special album that praises and celebrates much of their world music catalogue from the past 15 years. When producer, writer and multi-instrumentalist Dubulah, suggested a remix album from the 'IRL World Series' they jumped at the chance.This is a labour of love having been put together over the past 12 months, it is journey through time across 15 years to present day, putting what can be often described as a very 'basic' sound (especially with the field recordings) and mixing it with dance, dub, reggae, drum n bass, trance and ambient genres.
The 15 classic tracks have been re-worked, re-mixed and given a new lease of life from some amazing producers from all around the globe. Dubulah seeked out the exact producers/remixers he wanted for each track, and delivered parts personally from southern Spain (Dalek Romeo) to Canada (the award winning Eccodek). He says "this is a tribute to the label by re-working classic tracks?a great back-catalogues of world music in the UK. The songs are perfect as they are. But I wanted to throw them to the next generation and see how they re-interpret them."
This CD include a bonus disc featuring the originally tracks.
8/10 DJ mag

"Transglobal's take on Tinariwen's Oualahila opens proceedings in fine style. Other highlights include the rockin' bouncy Radar Station mix of Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara's Ngamen, The Dhol Foundation remixing Malawi Mouse Boys (who'd have thought the latter's cheery traditionalism would mix so well with the former's UK Asian electro-beats?) and South Sudan's Acholi Machon getting a refit from Penguin Cafe´ Orchestra no less."fRoots (Playlist Album Choice)

Press Quotes

"Celebrating fifteen years of "global music" transmogrification – transforming what are in many cases the most raw and basic of field recordings into stunning peregrinations and flights of internationally amorphous fantasy – Independent Records Ltd. have chosen label stalwart Nick "Dubulah" Page to curate a 100th release special of remixes, that once again, in-keeping with their "raison d'être", offers an alternative sonic vision of choice tracks from the back catalogue … Taking the LP title literally, "terraforming" describes the process of making a planet habitable for us humans, changing the atmosphere and life-giving properties to that of Earths. In this instance, IRL allow others to reshape their back catalogue in an attempt to introduce the listener to inhabit an ever richer and eclectic space. Despite drifting untethered into the galaxy, at times sounding almost alien, this remix appraisal seeks to bring the global community together in the spirit of human commonality." Monolith Cocktail

Monolith Cocktail

"A fifteen-track compendium that breathes incredible life into some already incredible music … More than just another remix album." 8.75 / 10

Louder Than War

"Do you really want ambient and drum'n'bass remixers stomping on your world music? Don't be alarmed: this compilation from the label that has done so much to champion the desert-blues genre treats the source material with respect." The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Tinariwen - Oualahila - Transglobal Underground Mix -
2. Justin Adams - Desert Road - Dub Colossus Mix -
3. Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara - Ngamen - Radar Station Mix -
4. Terakaft - Djer Aman - Afriqoui Mix -
5. General Paolino - Congratulations South Sudan - Lunar Drive Mix -
6. Malawi Mouse Boys - Ndinasangalala - The Dhol Foundation Mix -
7. Malawi Mouse Boys - Clap Your Hands - Dalek Romeo Mix -
8. Imed Alibi - Maknassey - Eccodek Mix -
9. Lo’Jo - Sur Des Canrnet Nus - Syriana Mix -
10. Lo’Jo - Yalaki - Boyscout Mix -
11. Xaos - Pindos Full Moon - TJ Rhemi Mix -
12. Dub Colossus - A Voice Has Power - Insentisi Mix -
13. Acholi Machon - Convoy - Penguin Cafe Orchestra Mix -
14. Xaos - Processional - Stereo Mike Mix -
15. Lo’Jo – Carnet US Vatican Radio – Bernard O’Neill Mix -

Disc 2

Track Listing — Disc 2

Song Title Time
1. Tinariwen - Oualahila -
2. Justin Adams - Desert Road -
3. Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara - Ngamen -
4. Terakaft - Djer Aman -
5. General Paolino - Congratulations South Sudan -
6. Malawi Mouse Boys - Ndinasangalala -
7. Malawi Mouse Boys - Clap Your Hands -
8. Imed Alibi - Maknassey -
9. Lo’Jo - Sur Des Canrnet Nus -
10. Lo’Jo - Yalaki -
11. Xaos - Pindos Full Moon -
12. Dub Colossus - A Voice Has Power -
13. Acholi Machon - Convoy -
14. Xaos - Processional -