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Rockin' Memphis

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Rockin' Memphis
Rockin' Memphis


During the 1950s Memphis was named the USA's cleanest and safest city and the diversified population had reached nearly 400,000. This 4CD compilation looks at the music recorded in Memphis and its environs by native Memphians and shows the stupendous effect the sounds had on the world of popular music. Music had always abounded in Memphis but there were no recording facilities there, an omission that one Sam Phillips was about to rectify, he opened the Memphis Recording Service at 706 Union Avenue on the 2nd of January 1950. He proceeded to record anything that moved including weddings, funerals and artists for WREC radio. He soon went on to record artists for record labels such as Gilt Edge and 4 Star and it didn't take more than a few months for him to record the likes of B.B. King, a young Ike Turner with Jackie Brenston, and madcap Rufus Thomas. Come 1952 Sam started his own record label, Sun, and the rest as they say is history.


  1. Name
  2. Lost John Hunter-Cool Down Mama
  3. Joe Hill Louis-Boogie In The Park
  4. B.B. King-B.B. Boogie
  5. Jackie Brenston-Rocket 88
  6. B.B. King-She's Dynamite
  7. Lou Sargent-Ridin' The Boogie
  8. Jackie Brenston-Juiced
  9. Jackie Brenston-My Real Gone Rocket
  10. Billy Love-Drop Top
  11. Rosco Gordon- Booted (Chess version)
  12. Howlin' Wolf-Howlin Wolf Boogie
  13. Joe Louis Hill-When I'm Gone (She Treats Me Mean And Evil)
  14. Rufus Thomas-Decorate The Counter
  15. Willie Nix-Bakershop Boogie
  16. Walter "Tang" Smith-Hi-Tone Mama
  17. Johnny Ace-Follow The Rule
  18. Earl Forest & Beale Street Runners-Rock The Bottle
  19. Earl Forest & Beale Street Runners-Pretty Bessie
  20. Rufus Thomas- Bear Cat
  21. Little Junior's Blue Fames-Feelin' Good
  22. Rufus Thomas- Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)
  23. Little Milton-Beggin' My Baby
  24. Little Junior's Blue Flames-Love My Baby
  25. Little Junior's Blue Flames-Mystery Train
  26. Johnny Ace with Johnny Board & His Orch-Burley Cutie
  27. Little Milton-If You Love Me Baby
  28. Billy "The Kid" Emerson-Move Baby Move
  29. Billy "The Kid" Emerson-Red Hot
  30. Rosco Gordon-Do The Chicken (Dance With You)
  31. Slim Rhodes-Skunk Hollow Boogie
  32. Slim Rhodes-Ozark Boogie
  33. Freddie Burns-Two Piano Boogie
  34. Freddie Burns-I'm Just A Pore Unlucky Dog
  35. Slim Rhodes-Hot Foot Rag
  36. Slim Rhodes-Memphis Bounce
  37. Harmonica Frank-Step It Up And Go
  38. Earl Peterson-Boogie Blues
  39. Doug Poindexter & Starlite Ramblers-Now She Cares No More For Me
  40. Malcolm Yelvington & Star Rhythm Boys-Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
  41. Malcolm Yelvington & Star Rhythm Boys-Just Rollin' Along
  42. Charlie Feathers-Defrost Your Heart
  43. Lloyd McCullough-Oh Darling
  44. Jimmie Martin Combo-Rock The Bop
  45. Jimmie Martin Combo-Red Bobby Sox
  46. Slim Rhodes-Bad Girl
  47. Johnny Cash & Tennessee Two-Get Rhythm
  48. Jerry Lee Lewis-Crazy Arms
  49. Lloyd McCullough-Until I Love Again
  50. Miller Sisters-Finders Keepers
  51. Billie High & The Four Recorders-Wondering If You Still Care
  52. Warren Smith-Black Jack David
  53. Carvis Turney-Honky Tonk Ways
  54. Mack Self-Everyday
  55. Eddie Collins-Can't Face Life Alone
  56. Eddie Collins-Patience Baby
  57. Warren Smith-So Long I'm Gone
  58. Mack Self-Easy To Love
  59. Dorsey Burnette-Let's Fall In Love
  60. Len Griffin & His Boys-Spanish Rock-A-Rolla
  61. Johnny Burnette Trio-Rockabilly Boogie
  62. Hank Swatley-Oakie Boogie
  63. Johnny Burnette Trio-You're Undecided
  64. Johnny Burnette Trio-Train Kept A Rollin'
  65. Carl Perkins-Dixie Fried
  66. Jack Earls & The Jimbos-Slow Down
  67. Ray Harris-Where'd You Stay Last Night
  68. Ramon Maupin-Love Gone
  69. Ramon Maupin-No Chance
  70. Eddie Bond & The Stompers-I've Got A Woman
  71. Eddie Bond & The Stompers-Flip Flop Mama
  72. Junior Thompson-Raw Deal
  73. Charlie Feathers With Jody & Jerry-Get With It
  74. Jerry Lee Lewis-End Of The Road
  75. Elvis Presley-Mystery Train
  76. Slim Rhodes-Gonna Romp And Stomp Tonight
  77. Miller Sisters-Ten Cats Down
  78. Warren Smith-Ubangi Stomp
  79. Carl Perkins-Honey Don't
  80. Billy Riley & The Little Green Men-Rock With Me Baby
  81. Sonny Burgess-Red Headed Woman
  82. Barbara Pittman-I Need A Man
  83. Roy Orbison-Go Go Go
  84. Eddie Bond & The Stompers-Baby Baby Baby (What Am I Gonna Do)
  85. Mason Dixon-Don't Worry 'Bout Nothin'
  86. Lendon Smith & The Jesters-Woman
  87. Brad Suggs-Charcoal Suit
  88. Wayne McGinnis with The Swing Teens-Lonesome Rhythm Blues
  89. Johnny Cash-I Walk The Line
  90. Cliff Gleaves-Love Is My Business
  91. Hoyt Johnson & Four Recorders-Eenie Meenie Minie Mo
  92. Ray Scott & The Four Recorders-Boppin' Wigwam Willie
  93. Jimmy Haggett with The Daydreamers-Gonna Shut You Off Baby
  94. Barney Burcham with The Moon Beams-I Fell
  95. Hayden Thompson-Love My Baby
  96. Billy Riley & His Little Green Men-Flyin' Saucers Rock'n'Roll
  97. Wade & Dick - The College Boys-Bop Bop Baby
  98. Allen Page-Honeysuckle
  99. Lloyd McCullough-'Cause I Love You
  100. Curley Griffin-Got Rockin' On My Mind
  101. Lee Carzle with Bobby Mizzel & Le-Bow's-I'm Asking But I'm Not Getting
  102. Tommy Blake-Flat Foot Sam
  103. Dorsey Burnette-The Devil's Queen
  104. Velvetones with Memphis Rhythm Boys-Real Gone Baby
  105. Lloyd McCullough-Gonna Love My Baby
  106. Hayden Thompson-One Broken Heart
  107. Johnny Tate-Bop With Me Baby
  108. Dick Penner-Cindy Lou
  109. Billy Riley & The Little Green Men-Red Hot
  110. Edwin Bruce-Rock Boppin' Baby
  111. Warren Smith-Got Love If You Want It
  112. Steve Carl & Jags-Curfew
  113. Johnny Burnette Trio-Eager Beaver Baby
  114. Johnny Burnette Rio-Blues Stay Away From Me
  115. Carl Mann & The Kool Kats-Gonna Rock'n'Roll Tonight
  116. Kennie Parchman-Treat Me Right
  117. Carl Mcvoy-Tootsie
  118. Dickey Lee & The Collegiates-Good Lovin'
  119. Dickey Lee & The Collegiates-Stay True Baby
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