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The Essential Charlie Poole

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The Essential Charlie Poole
The Essential Charlie Poole


In his short life Charlie Poole altered the shape of white American Folk music by pioneering the band set-up, approach and many songs that would be the backbone of Bluegrass. Just by his way of living he created the Country outlaw archetype and his recorded output that consisted of drastic re-workings of a multitude of songs from different traditions and eras resulted in some of the greatest music of the 20th century which has been passed down from generation to generation and continues to do so still and hopefully will as long as people listen to music.


  1. Name
  2. The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
  3. The Man That Rode The Mule Around The World
  4. Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister?
  5. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Blues
  6. Flyin' Clouds
  7. Wild Horse
  8. Forks Of Sandy
  9. Mountain Reel
  10. Good-bye Booze
  11. Monkey On A String
  12. Too Young To Marry
  13. Ragtime Annie
  14. A Kiss Waltz
  15. Leaving Home
  16. Budded Rose
  17. There'll Come A Time
  18. White House Blues
  19. The Highwayman
  20. Hungry Hash House
  21. If I Lose, I Don't Care
  22. You Ain't Talkin' To Me
  23. Coon From Tennessee
  24. The Letter That Never Came
  25. Take A Drink On Me
  26. Falling By The Wayside
  27. Sunset March
  28. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Medley
  29. A Young Boy Left His Home One Day
  30. My Wife Went Away And Left Me
  31. Husband & Wife Were Angry One Night
  32. Ramblin' Blues
  33. Old And Only In The Way
  34. Shootin' Creek
  35. Baltimore Fire
  36. Sweet Sunny South
  37. He Rambled
  38. The Highlanders
  39. Richmond Square
  40. Flop Eared Mule
  41. Lynchburg Town
  42. The Brave Engineer
  43. Dark Eyes
  44. Willie, Poor Boy
  45. When The Bees Are In Hive
  46. Daises Won't Tell
  47. The Wreck Of The Virginian No 3
  48. I Cannot Call Her Mother
  49. Pearl Bryant
  50. Bill Mason
  51. Kitty Blye
  52. The Bluefield Murder
  53. I'll Be There, Mary Dear
  54. What Is Home Without Love?
  55. As We Sat Beneath The Maple On The Hill
  56. San Antonio
  57. What Is A Home Without Babies?
  58. A Trip To New York (Part 1)
  59. A Trip To New York (Part 2)
  60. A Trip To New York (Part 3)
  61. A Trip To New York (Part 4)
  62. Just Pickin'
  63. Beckley Rag
  64. Underneath The Sugar Moon
  65. Lonesome Weary Blues
  66. Sweet Sixteen
  67. My Gypsy Girl
  68. The Only Girl I Ever Loved
  69. Write A Letter To My Mother
  70. If The River Was Whiskey
  71. It's Moving Day
  72. Southern Medley
  73. Honeysuckle
  74. Greasy Wagon
  75. Mother's Waltz
  76. Back To The Blue Ridge
  77. Goodbye Sweet Liza Jane
  78. Look Before You Leap
  79. Just Keep Waiting Till The Good Time Comes
  80. Mother's Last Farewell Kiss
  81. Where The Whippoorwill Is Whispering Good-Night
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