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Seamen's Mission

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Seamen's Mission
Seamen's Mission


Few, if any, British jazz musicians gained the legendary status that Phil Seamen gained. Certain aspects of the make-up of Phil Seamen contributed strongly to this exalted position. First of all there was his great talent as a drummer. During the 1950's and 60's, Phil Seamen was generally regarded as the greatest European Jazz Drummer. Phil arrived on the British jazz scene with the advant of the bebop movement , although his abilities transcended this music. He was equally at home in the very first European free-jazz combo of Joe Harriott, the traditional jazz groups of Nat Gonella, on The Rhythm And Blues of Alexis Korner or the heavy rock of Ginger Baker's Air Force. Seamen's personality also contributed to his elevated status. He was a unique character with a great gift of humour and sharp wit. He also played the star with conviction with a larger than life personality that allowed him to get away with it. Another aspect that added fame as well as notoriety to the Phil Seamen phenomenon was his well known drug addiction. Seamen could handle large amounts of drugs, washing them down with a large intake of alcohol. There are countless anecdotes still told about Phil Seamen, some comic, some tragic and some apocryphal, most of them a mixture of all three. He was a born raver.


  1. Name
  2. Jack Parnell And His Orchestra - The Champ
  3. Jack Parnell And His Orchestra - Kick Off
  4. Jimmy Deuchar Showcase - Spain
  5. Jimmy Deuchar Ensemble - Treble Gold
  6. Jimmy Deuchar Ensemble - I. P.A Special
  7. Jimmy Deuchar Ensemble - Opus De Funk
  8. Jimmy Deuchar Sextet - Lullaby In Rhythm
  9. Jimmy Deuchar Sextet - Milestones
  10. Jimmy Deuchar Sextet - Swingin In Studio Two
  11. Jimmy Deuchar - I Could Write A Book
  12. Kenny Grahams Afro Cubists - Jump For Joe
  13. Kenny Grahams Afro Cubists - Haitian Ritual
  14. Kenny Graham And His Satellites - One Four
  15. Kenny Graham And His Satellites - Five Four
  16. Kenny Graham And His Afro Cubists - Bongo Chant
  17. Joe Harriott Quartet - Cherokee
  18. Joe Harriott Quartet - Out Of Nowhere
  19. Joe Harriott Quartet - Just Goofin
  20. Joe Harriott Quartet - Blues Original
  21. Joe Harriott Quartet - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
  22. Joe Harriott Quintet - Formation
  23. Joe Harriott Quintet - Abstract
  24. Ronnie Scott Orchestra - Seamens Mission
  25. Ronnie Scott Orchestra - Sil Vous Plait
  26. Ronnie Scott Orchestra - Jordu
  27. Ronnie Scott Orchestra - Bang
  28. Ronnie Scott Orchestra - A Night In Tunisia
  29. Ronnie Scott Orchestra - The Big Fist
  30. Victor Feldman Modern Jazz Quartet - What Goes?
  31. Victor Feldman Modern Jazz Quartet - Monsoon
  32. Victor Feldman Jazz Quintet - Birds Last Flight
  33. Victor Feldman Big Band Big Top
  34. Victor Feldman Big Band Maenya
  35. Victor Feldman Big Band Blues In Two Modes
  36. Victor Feldman Quartet - Jackpot
  37. Victor Feldman Quartet - You Are My Hearts Delight
  38. Victor Feldman Quartet - The Minor And The Major
  39. Victor Feldman Quartet - Wilberts Tune
  40. Victor Feldman/Jimmy Deuchar Quintet - Wail
  41. Victor Feldman/Jimmy Deuchar Quintet - Wailing Wall
  42. Dizzy Reece Quintet - Butch
  43. Dizzy Reece Quintet - Yardbird Suite
  44. Dizzy Reece Quintet - Scrapple From The Apple
  45. Dizzy Reece Quartet - Bluebird
  46. Dizzy Reece Quartet - Get Up
  47. Dizzy Reece Quartet - Main Title (Nowhere To Go)
  48. Dizzy Reece Quartet - The Escape And Chase
  49. Stan Tracey Trio - Free
  50. Stan Tracey Trio - Boo Bah
  51. The Jazz Couriers - If This Isnt Love
  52. The Jazz Couriers - Easy To Love
  53. The Jazz Couriers - Whisper Not
  54. The Jazz Couriers - Autumn Leaves
  55. The Jazz Couriers - Too Close For Comfort
  56. The Jazz Couriers - Yesterdays
  57. The Jazz Couriers - Love Walked In
  58. Tubby Hayes Quartet - Like Someone In Love
  59. Tubby Hayes Quartet - The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
  60. Tubby Hayes Quartet - Sunny Monday
  61. Tubby Hayes Quartet - Unidentified 32-Bar Theme
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