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Motor City Blues Master

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Motor City Blues Master
Motor City Blues Master


Along with B.B. King, John Lee Hooker was probably the most famous and successful bluesman in history. During an active career that spanned more than 50 years, Hooker managed million-selling hits at both ends of his distinguished career, during which his blues covered all ends of the blues experience. Together with the likes of T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins and B.B. King, John Lee Hooker largely created the post war electric blues and left an indelible mark on them. Nobody ever sounded like John Lee Hooker, his was one of the sounds of the 20th century.


  1. Name
  2. She Was In Chicago
  3. Boogie Chillen
  4. Stomp Boogie
  5. Who's Been Jiving You
  6. Black Man Blues
  7. Helpless Blues
  8. Goin' Mad Blues
  9. Low Down-Midnite Boogie
  10. Landing Blues
  11. Drifting From Door To Door
  12. Hobo Blues
  13. Howlin' Wolf
  14. Crawlin' King Snake
  15. Miss Rosie Mae
  16. Highway Blues
  17. Whistlin' And Moanin' Blues
  18. Hoogie Boogie
  19. Miss Eloise, Miss Eloise
  20. Nightmare Blues
  21. Late Last Night
  22. Wandering Blues
  23. Don't Go Baby
  24. Devil's Jump
  25. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
  26. Moaning Blues
  27. The Numbers
  28. Weeping Willow Boogie
  29. Forgive Me
  30. Sometime
  31. Heart Trouble Blues
  32. Slim's Stomp
  33. Morning Blues
  34. Boogie Awhile
  35. Tuesday Evening Blues
  36. Miss Lorraine
  37. Talkin' Boogie
  38. I Love To Boogie
  39. Do The Boogie
  40. 609 Boogie
  41. Road Trouble
  42. No Friend Around (T.B.'s Killin' Me)
  43. Wednesday Evening
  44. Playing The Races
  45. Huckle Up Baby
  46. Let Your Daddy Ride
  47. She Left Me By Myself
  48. No Mortgage On My Soul
  49. My Baby's Got Somethin'
  50. Decoration Day Blues
  51. I Gotta Be Comin' Back
  52. Crying All Night
  53. Come Back Baby
  54. I Don't Be Welcome Here
  55. Turnin' Gray Blues
  56. The Story Of A Married Woman
  57. It's A Crime And A Shame
  58. Throw This Old Dog A Bone
  59. Just Like A Woman
  60. Moon Is Rising
  61. Thinking Blues
  62. Don't You Remember Me
  63. Mad Man Blues
  64. Hey Boogie
  65. Queen Bee
  66. Can I Say Hello
  67. House Rent Boogie
  68. Questionnaire Blues
  69. Real Gone Gal
  70. My Daddy Was A Jockey
  71. Catfish
  72. Louise
  73. High Priced Woman
  74. Union Station Blues
  75. Ground Hog Blues
  76. Leave My Wife Alone
  77. Ramblin' By Myself
  78. Four Women In My Life
  79. I'm In The Mood
  80. Turn Over A New Leaf
  81. Walkin' The Boogie
  82. Sugar Mama
  83. I Don't Want Your Money
  84. Bluebird
  85. Worried Life Blues
  86. Rock House Boogie
  87. Blues For Big Town
  88. Need Somebody
  89. Down Child
  90. Bad Boy
  91. Time Is Marchin'
  92. Dimples
  93. Everybody Rockin'
  94. Crawlin' Black Spider
  95. I Love You Honey
  96. I'm In The Mood
  97. Boogie Chillun
  98. No Shoes
  99. Tupelo
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