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The Houston Hurricane

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The Houston Hurricane
The Houston Hurricane


Lightnin' Hopkins was one of the blues' greatest talents, whose spare, expressive guitar playing, taciturn vocals and crisp versification all place him firmly in the tradition of Texas blues. Hopkins recorded every kind of Texas blues there was, documenting the various traditions that Blind Lemon Jefferson had first indicated and establishing a personal and often autobiographical genre of his own. His style was born from spending many hours playing informally without a backing band. His distinctive style often included playing, in effect, bass, rhythm, lead, percussion, and vocals, all at the same time. His musical phrasing would often include a long low note at the beginning, the rhythm played in the middle range, then the lead in the high range. By playing this quickly - with occasional slaps of the guitar - the effect of bass, rhythm, percussion and lead would be created. He was an influence on Jimmie Vaughan's work, and, more significantly, on the vocals and blues style of Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, the keyboardist of the Grateful Dead until 1972. He was also an important influence on Townes Van Zandt, the Texan folk/blues songwriter and performer, who often performed Hopkins numbers in his live performances. Jimi Hendrix became interested in blues music listening to Lightnin' Hopkins records with his father and a song named after him was recorded by R.E.M. on their album Document.


  1. Name
  2. West Coast Blues
  3. Katie Mae Blues
  4. That Mean Old Twister
  5. I Can't Stay Here In Your Town
  6. Short Haired Woman
  7. Little Mama Boogie
  8. (Let Me) Play With Your Poodle
  9. Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind
  10. Picture On The Wall
  11. You Are Not Goin' To Worry My Life Anymore
  12. Miss Me Blues
  13. Sugar On My Mind
  14. Nightmare Blues
  15. Lightnin's Boogie
  16. Daddy Will Be Home One Day
  17. Moonrise Blues
  18. Morning Blues
  19. Have To Let You Go
  20. Mama's Baby Child
  21. Mistreater Blues
  22. My California
  23. Honey Babe
  24. So Long
  25. See See Rider
  26. Unpredictable Woman
  27. I Just Don't Care
  28. Whiskey Headed Woman
  29. Abilene
  30. Shotgun
  31. Rollin' And Rollin
  32. Tell It Like It Is
  33. Miss Loretta
  34. Ida Mae
  35. What Can It Be
  36. Lonesome Home
  37. Appetite Blues
  38. Ain't It A Shame
  39. Tim Moore's Farm
  40. You Don't Know
  41. Somebody's Got To Go
  42. Baby Please Don't Go
  43. Mad With You
  44. Unsuccessful Blues
  45. Rollin' Woman Blues
  46. "T" Model Blues
  47. Lightnin's Boogie
  48. Zologo
  49. Automobile Blues
  50. Untrue Blues
  51. Henny Penny Blues
  52. Jackstropper Blues
  53. Grievance Blues
  54. Grosebeck Blues
  55. Racetrack Blues
  56. Bluebird Blues
  57. Goin' Back And Talk To Mama
  58. Beggin' You To Stay
  59. Bad Luck And Trouble
  60. Last Affair
  61. Lonesome Dog Blues
  62. Needed Time
  63. One Kind Favour
  64. Another Fool In Town
  65. Candy Kitchen
  66. Black Cat
  67. Santa Fe Blues
  68. Some Day Baby
  69. Black Cat Bone
  70. Disagreeable
  71. Dark And Cloudy
  72. Coffee Blues
  73. Praying Ground Blues
  74. Give Me Central 209
  75. Long Way From Texas
  76. You Caused (My Heart To Weep)
  77. Tap Dance Boogie
  78. Dirty House
  79. Freight Train Blues
  80. One Kind Of Favor
  81. Contrary Mary
  82. I'm Beggin' You
  83. Sad News From Korea
  84. Ain't It A Shame
  85. Crazy 'Bout My Baby
  86. Highway Blues
  87. I'm Wild About You Baby
  88. "Bad Things On My Mind"
  89. The War Is Over
  90. Policy Game
  91. Merry Christmas
  92. Happy New Year
  93. Cemetery Blues
  94. Shine On Moon
  95. Lightnin's Boogie
  96. Lonesome In Your Home
  97. Remember Me
  98. Sittin' Down Thinkin'
  99. Lightnin's Special
  100. Don't Think Cause Your Pretty
  101. Life I Used To Live
  102. My Baby's Gone
  103. Sick Feeling Blues
  104. Moving On Out
  105. Evil Hearted Woman
  106. Blues For My Cookie
  107. Had A Gal Called Sal
  108. Nothin' But The Blues
  109. My Little Kewpie Doll
  110. Moanin' Blues
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