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Laughing In Rhythm

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Laughing In Rhythm
Laughing In Rhythm


One of the most eccentric vocalists ever to hit the jazz scene, Gaillard became a legendary cult figure thanks to his own privately invented jive dialect, 'Vout'. He was in fact a gifted linguist (speaking at least eight languages fluently), fine singer, good dancer and natural musician: a good guitarist who also played decent piano (with the back of his hands), vibraphone (with swizzle sticks), double bass (below the bridge), bongos, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax and organ. These 102 jazzy expositions from 1937-1952 are a master class in right-orooni, including all of his best loved numbers, from "Flat Foot Floogie" via "Tutti Frutti", "Slim Slam Boogie", "Cement Mixer (Put-Ti, Put-Ti)", "Jumpin' At The Record Shop" and "Opera In Vout" to "Potato Chips", with fine musicianship throughout. An illustrated, authoritatively annotated, 44-page booklet with full discographical details completes this tribute to the spaced-out musical humorist who spread joy wherever he appeared.


  1. Name
  2. There's No Two Ways About It
  3. cause My Baby Says It's So
  4. The Flat Foot Floogie
  5. Chinatown, My Chinatown
  6. 8,9 And 10
  7. Ferdinand The Bull
  8. Tutti Frutti
  9. Look-A-There
  10. Jump Session
  11. Laughin' In Rhythm
  12. Vol Vist Du Gaily Star
  13. Dopey Joe
  14. Sweet Safronia
  15. It's Gettin' Kinda Chilly
  16. Buck Dance Rhythm
  17. That's A Bringer
  18. A-Well-A-Take-Em Joe (Crapshooter's Jive)
  19. Chicken Rhythm
  20. Swingin' In The Key Of C
  21. Boot-Ta-La-Za
  22. It's You, Only You
  23. Beatin' The Board
  24. Look Out
  25. Matzoh Balls
  26. Early In The Morning
  27. Chittlin' Switch Blues
  28. Huh!, Uh-Huh!
  29. Windy City Hop
  30. Baby Be Mine
  31. Sploghm
  32. Fitzwater Street
  33. Don't Let Us Say Goodbye
  34. Rhythm Mad
  35. Bongo
  36. Broadway Jump
  37. Put Your Arms Around Me, Baby
  38. Lookin' For A Place To Park
  39. Hit That Mess
  40. Hey! Chef
  41. Ah Now
  42. A Tip On The Numbers
  43. Slim Slam Boogie
  44. Bassology
  45. Bingie-Bingie-Scootie
  46. B-19
  47. African Jive
  48. Palm Springs Jump
  49. Ra-Da-Da-Da
  50. Groove Juice Special
  51. Vout Oreenee
  52. Please Wait For Me
  53. Sighing Boogie
  54. Queen's Boogie
  55. Vout Boogie
  56. Slim Gaillard's Boogie
  57. Harlem Hunch
  58. Tutti-Frutti
  59. Travelin' Blues
  60. Sightseeing Boogie
  61. Central Avenue Boogie
  62. Slim's Cement Boogie
  63. Laguna
  64. Dunkin' Bagel
  65. Boogin' At Berg's
  66. Cement Mixer
  67. Novachord Boogie
  68. Tee Say Malee
  69. Atomic Cocktail
  70. Yep-Roc-Heresay
  71. Jumpin' At The Record Shop
  72. Drei Six Cent
  73. Dizzy Boogie
  74. Flat Foot Floogie
  75. Popity Pop
  76. Slim's Jam
  77. Early Mornin' Boogie
  78. Riff City
  79. Mean Mama Blues
  80. Chicken Rhythm
  81. Santa Monica Jump
  82. Mean Pretty Mama
  83. School Kids' Hop
  84. Part Iv: Presto Con Stomp (With A Floy, Floy)
  85. Part 111: Andante Cantabile In Modo De Blues (C - Jam ?)
  86. Part 11: Recitativo & Finale (Of Much Scat)
  87. Opera In Vout Part I : Introduction - Pianissimo (Softly, Most Softly)
  88. Boip! Boip!
  89. The Bartender's Just Like A Mother
  90. Arabian Boogie
  91. Tip Light
  92. Momma's In The Kitchen
  93. A Ghost Of A Chance
  94. Little Red Riding Woods
  95. Puerto Vootie
  96. Serenade To A Poodle
  97. Down By The Station
  98. When Banana Skins Are Falling
  99. Bongo City
  100. Sabroso
  101. Taxpayers Blues
  102. Eatin' With The Boogie
  103. Make It Do
  104. You Goofed
  105. Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me)
  106. Potatoe Chips
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