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Let's Start Again: Deluxe Edition

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Let's Start Again: Deluxe Edition
Let's Start Again: Deluxe Edition


Deluxe edition of Let's Start Again Bap Kennedy's 6th solo album of original material. His original encounter with the record business was as lead singer and primary songwriter for cult Belfast rockers The Energy Orchard, with whom he recorded 5 albums. While Bap usually records in England and America, this time he wanted to bring together some of the top musicians in his native Northern Ireland to play on 'Let's Start Again'. The most local of the local talents is bass player and harmony vocalist, Brenda Kennedy, Bap's wife. Brenda is also a regular member of Bap's live band, as are two of the album's other musicians - rummer Rabb Bennett and virtuoso guitarist Gordy McAllister. After the Celtic melancholy of 'The Sailor's Revenge', there is a more upbeat rootsy Americana feel to 'Let's Start Again'. The country-roots style of the record is something that Bap's co-producer, Mudd Wallace first realised would suit Bap as far back as the early 80's. This edition comes with bonus CD containing classic Bap recordings and he says of it, "this CD is bookended by my first solo recording 'Long Time a Comin'' when another chapter began, with Steve Earle producing my album 'Domestic Blues' The final bonus track is 'Too Old For Fairytales' which was the last thing I recorded before I returned to my home town of Belfast, after twenty something years of exile. The rest of the CD features album versions of songs that have become live favourites like 'Please Return to Jesus' although this acoustic rendering is much different from the recording produced by Mark Knopfler or indeed the live version.The tracks span about 18 years up to this point. A hell of a lot has happened in that time...hopefully a lot more to come. Maybe that's why the new album is called 'Let's Start Again.'


  1. Name
  2. Let's Start Again
  3. Let's Start Again
  4. Revelation Blues
  5. Revelation Blues
  6. If Things Don't Change
  7. If Things Don't Change
  8. King Of Mexico
  9. King Of Mexico
  10. Song Of Her Desire
  11. Song Of Her Desire
  12. Radio Waves
  13. Radio Waves
  14. Heart Trouble
  15. Heart Trouble
  16. Under My Wing
  17. Under My Wing
  18. Strange Kid
  19. Strange Kid
  20. Fool's Paradise
  21. Fool's Paradise
  22. Let It Go
  23. Let It Go
  24. Long Time A Comin'
  25. Long Time A Comin'
  26. Stuck With Myself
  27. Stuck With Myself
  28. Be Careful What You Wish For
  29. Be Careful What You Wish For
  30. Mostly Water
  31. Mostly Water
  32. Cold War Country Blues
  33. Cold War Country Blues
  34. The Truth Is Painful
  35. The Truth Is Painful
  36. Baby It's Alright
  37. Baby It's Alright
  38. Domestic Blues
  39. Domestic Blues
  40. Jimmy Sanchez (acoustic version)
  41. Jimmy Sanchez (acoustic version)
  42. Please Return To Jesus (acoustic version)
  43. Please Return To Jesus (acoustic version)
  44. Too Old For Fairytales
  45. Too Old For Fairytales
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