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Official Bootleg Box Set Vol.2 - 1993-2013

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Official Bootleg Box Set Vol.2 - 1993-2013
Official Bootleg Box Set Vol.2 - 1993-2013


He's been hailed "The Voice Of Rock", and for good reason, as this 6 CD live box set happily testifies. With vocals soaked in blues and soul, but above all ROCK, Glenn Hughes has performed with many rock legends, including Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Hughes-Thrall, Trapeze and Black Country Communion. Despite his huge talents as a musician and as a songwriter, the 80s were relatively quiet era for Glenn, something that has been more than made up for in his much more prolific 90s, noughties and beyond. Spanning two decades, Disc One kicks this set off with "Incense And Peaches: From The Archives Volume 1", an interesting and unusual set of demos and works in progress. Originally released in 2000 through Glenn's own Pink Cloud Records, it was a collection of previously unreleased songs covering more laid back, pop and soul sounds rather than hard rock..Glenn has always had a major following in Scandinavia, and this collection has no less than three shows recorded in Sweden, starting with his June 1993 show at the Blitz Nightclub in Borlange on Disc Two. A belting take on Deep Purple's 'Burn' is followed by 'Muscle And Blood' originally recorded by the short lived, but much loved Hughes Thrall. Glenn's first major band Trapeze are also revisited with 'You Are The Music' and 'Coast To Coast'. At the time Glenn was supporting his latest album, "L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes - Blues", from which 'A Right To Live' and 'So Much Love To Give' were taken. But it wouldn't be a Glenn show without revisiting some more Deep Purple classics, with 'This Time Around', 'Gettin' Tighter', 'You Keep On Moving' and 'Smoke On The Water' featured. Disc Three was captured three months later at Gothenburg's Zoo Club. Opening with 'The Liar' from the as yet unreleased "From Now On" album, the set also includes a cover of Hughes Thrall's 'I Got Your Number', Purple's 'This Time Around', 'Gettin? Tighter' and 'You Keep On Moving', as well as blues standard 'The House Of Rising Sun'.


  1. Name
  2. Down The Wire
  3. Against The Grain
  4. Jackie Got The Call Today
  5. Jolayne
  6. Let's Get Together
  7. Stoned
  8. What Is Your Role?
  9. You Are My Dream!
  10. Doublelife
  11. Push! (La Demo)
  12. Inside & Above
  13. Hey Ken, Are You Home?
  14. Burn
  15. Muscle And Blood
  16. A Right To Live
  17. So Much Love To Give
  18. You Are The Music
  19. The House Of The Rising Sun
  20. Coast To Coast
  21. This Time Around
  22. Gettin' Tighter
  23. You Keep On Moving
  24. Smoke On The Water
  25. Georgia On My Mind
  26. The Boy Can Sing The Blues
  27. I Got Your Number
  28. The Liar
  29. The House Of Rising Sun
  30. Lay My Body Down
  31. Coast To Coast
  32. This Time Around
  33. Gettin' Tighter
  34. You Keep On Moving
  35. I Got Your Number
  36. Georgia On My Mind
  37. Big Time
  38. You Are The Music
  39. Muscle And Blood
  40. This Time Around
  41. Talkin' To The Messiah
  42. Way Back To The Bone
  43. Touch My Life
  44. Cover Me
  45. Push!
  46. Talk About It
  47. First Step Of Love
  48. Coast To Coast
  49. Your Love Is Alright
  50. Gettin' Tighter
  51. I Don't Want To Live That Way Again
  52. You Keep On Moving
  53. Addiction
  54. You Fool No One
  55. Burn
  56. Goodbye To Romance (1992)
  57. 12-Bar Blues (1992)
  58. Stormbringer
  59. Might Just Take Your Life
  60. Sail Away
  61. Black Cloud
  62. Mistreated
  63. Superstition
  64. Sinful
  65. Gettin' Tighter
  66. You Keep On Moving
  67. Soul Mover
  68. Burn
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