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Sweet Little Truths - The EMI Years 1992-1996: 3CD Digipak

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Sweet Little Truths - The EMI Years 1992-1996: 3CD Digipak
Sweet Little Truths - The EMI Years 1992-1996: 3CD Digipak


Tasmin Archer blazed onto the charts in 1992 with the unforgettable number one ‘Sleeping Satellite’. The record went on to become a significant hit worldwide, including the U.S.A, and was quickly followed by a top 10 Gold-certified album, “Great Expectations”. Further top 40 hits followed, and a critically acclaimed second album, “Bloom”, produced by the legendary Mitchell Froom, in 1996.

Cherry Pop are very pleased to announce a new 53 track, 3 CD collection of her ’90s recordings. “Sweet Little Truths: The EMI Years 1992-1996” offers up expanded editions of both EMI albums, remastered for the first time since their original release, and adds a whole array of bonus mixes, B-sides, and live tracks to a third rarities disc.

  • Fully remastered and expanded albums “Great Expectations” and “Bloom”
  • Alternative mixes of the number one ‘Sleeping Satellite’
  • Single versions of the hits ‘In Your Care’, ‘Lords Of The New Church’ and ‘Arienne’
  • Features the complete top 40 ‘Shipbuilding’ E.P. collection of songs written by Elvis Costello
  • Includes Tasmin’s very rare version of ‘Itchycoo Park’
  • Rare live versions of hits and album tracks
  • Detailed liner notes and photos
  • Discography


  1. Name
  2. Sleeping Satellite
  3. Arienne
  4. Lords Of The New Church
  5. When It Comes Down To It
  6. Steeltown
  7. The Higher You Climb
  8. In Your Care
  9. Somebodys Daughter
  10. Hero
  11. Ripped Inside
  12. Halfway To Heaven
  13. Man At The Window (Acoustic Version)
  14. Sea Of Rest
  15. Strings Of Desire
  16. Real Oh So Real
  17. Sleeping Satellite (Acoustic Version)
  18. In Your Care (U.S. Radio Edit)
  19. Lords Of The New Church (Radio Edit)
  20. Arienne (Radio Edit)
  21. Somebodys Daughter (Radio Edit)
  22. Sweet Little Truth
  23. After Hell
  24. One More Good Night With The Boys
  25. Rain Falling
  26. I Like It So
  27. Breaking My Back
  28. I Would Love To Be Right
  29. You Made A Fool Of Me
  30. Memory
  31. Give In With Grace
  32. In Your Garden
  33. Guilty
  34. Itchycoo Park
  35. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  36. Obeah Wedding (Live)
  37. Shipbuilding
  38. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
  39. All Grown Up
  40. New Amsterdam
  41. Sleeping Satellite (Extended Version)
  42. Lords Of The New Church (Remix)
  43. Ripped Inside (12 Version)
  44. The Higher You Climb (Remix)
  45. When It Comes Down To It (12 Version)
  46. Ripped Inside (Ben Chapman Mix)
  47. Sleeping Satellite (Fitz Mix)
  48. In Your Care (Live)
  49. Lords Of The New Church (Live)
  50. Steeltown (Live)
  51. Man At The Window (Live)
  52. After Hell (Live)
  53. Rain Falling (Live)
  54. Sleeping Satellite (Rock Version)

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