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The Definitive Collection (3CD)

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  • A unique compilation of repertoire by the Funk band Slave and its off shoots Aurra and Steve Arrington.
  • Fantastic triple CD release features all of Slaves hit RnB singles that were released on the Cotillion label.
  • With sleeve notes by MOJO and Record Collector journalist Charles Waring.

CD One kicks off with Slave’s #1 US RnB hit 'Slide’, a tough, brassy dance floor anthem built on Mark Adams' relentless bass line. The iconic track spent 20 weeks in the US RnB charts and even made its presence felt in America's pop chart, Billboard's Hot 100.

Other key tracks on CD One are ‘Stellar Fungk’ and ‘Just A Touch Of Love’.

CD Two features two Top 10 RnB hits ‘Watching You’ and ‘Snap Shot’ and the introduction of cuts by Aurra including their RnB Top 10 smash ‘Make Up Your Mind’ and the rocking ‘Are You Single?’.

CD Three continues with the hits and includes Aurra’s UK Top 20 hit ‘You And Me Tonight’ along with Steve Arrington’s UK Top Five classic ‘Feel So Reel’ and RnB Hit ‘Dancin’ In The Key Of Life’, plus other brilliant Slave tracks like ‘Party Lites’ and ‘Checking You Out’.

The American Midwest has undoubtedly played a major role in the evolution of popular music; via fabled big cities like Chicago, where both electric blues and house music were born three decades apart, and Detroit where the world-conquering Motown sound was born.

But we can't mention the music of the American Midwest without bringing Dayton into the equation. It's probably more famous in the eyes of fans of RnB music due to the number of great bands that originated there in the 1970s and 80s and gave the world The Ohio Players, Lakeside and Roger Troutman and Zapp, to name but a few, and all available on Robinsongs releases.

Slave, whose music is the focus of this 3CD compilation, which selects key musical moments from the group's back catalogue as well as crucial tracks from two of the group’s offshoots; drummer-turned-vocalist Steve Arrington and the band, later to become a duo, Aurra.


  1. Name
  2. Slide                                                                     
  3. Screw Your Wig On Tite                                                                
  4. Party Hardy                                                                       
  5. You And Me                      
  6. Separated                          
  7. Son Of Slide                                                                      
  8. Life Can Be Happy                                                                                          
  9. The Great American Funk Song                 
  10. Baby Sinister                    
  11. The Party Song                                                                                 
  12. Stellar Fungk                                                                                      
  13. Thank You Lord                
  14. Drac Is Back                                                                                       
  15. Just A Touch Of Love                                                                      
  16. Are You Ready For Love? (2006 Remaster)                           
  17. Slave - Funky Lady (Foxy Lady)                
  18. Slave - Shine                                                                                   
  19. Slave - Feel My Love                    
  20. Slave - Sizzlin' Hot                                                                         
  21. Slave - Watching You                   
  22. Slave - Never Get Away                                                                               
  23. Slave - Stone Jam                                                                          
  24. Slave - Snap Shot (Single Version)                                         
  25. Slave - Wait For Me                     
  26. Slave - Steal Your Heart (2006 Remaster)           
  27. Aurra - In The Mood To Groove
  28. Aurra - Make Up Your Mind
  29. Aurra - Are You Single
  30. Slave - Intro (Come To Blow Ya Mind)                                                                  
  31. Slave - I'll Be Gone                       
  32. Aurra - Checking You Out
  33. Aurra - Such A Feeling
  34. Slave - Steppin' Out                     
  35. Slave - Turn You Out (In & Out)                              
  36. Slave - Shake It Up                        
  37. Steve Arrington - You Meet My Approval (2006 Remaster)                             
  38. Steve Arrington - Weak At The Knees                        
  39. Slave - Jungle Dance                    
  40. Slave - OOOHH                              
  41. Steve Arrington - Feel So Real                      
  42. Steve Arrington - Dancin' In The Key Of Life                           
  43. Aurra - You And Me Tonight
  44. Slave - Party Lites                         
  45. Slave - Everybody Slide (2006 Remaster)                            
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