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I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs Of Fox Hollow

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I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs Of Fox Hollow
I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs Of Fox Hollow


"I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow" was recorded in the summer of 2010 at Tom T. and Miss Dixie Hall's home of Fox Hollow, just south of Nashville. Conceived by Cooper and Brace, this project is a remake of Hall's 1974 kids record "Songs of Fox Hollow," and was nominated for a Grammy in the Children's Music category. Starting with songs that are near faultless in tone and content ("Sneaky Snake," "I Care," "Ole Lonesome George the Basset," and "The Barn Dance" amongst them) the foundation couldn't be more solid. The collection features Americana stalwarts Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, Elizabeth Cook, Jim Lauderdale, among others, along with the perfectly cast Bobby Bare, Duane Eddy, Tommy Cash, and Tom T. himself, among others. Producers Cooper and Brace make excellent appearances singing both lead and harmonies. Every track and performance offers something of value, delivering Hall's low-key but pitch-perfect lessons in life, nature, acceptance and understanding, love, and all the fears and pleasures of childhood, in a beautiful language that children of all ages can appreciate. The house band for this recording include Nashville's finest: Lloyd Green takes care of the pedal steel guitar while Jen Gunderman (keys), Mike Bub (bass), and Mark Horn (drums) are also consistent in their presence. As are all Red Beet projects, this one is beautifully packaged. Julie Sola's woodcuts for each song are beautifully rendered and embrace the natural spirit of the recording.


  1. Name
  2. I Love - Patty Griffin
  3. Sneaky Snake - Buddy Miller
  4. Everybody Loves To Hear A Bird Sing - Peter Cooper
  5. I Like To Feel Pretty Inside - Jim Lauderdale
  6. The Mysterious Fox Of Fox Hollow - Eric Brace & Last Train Home
  7. I Wish I Had A Million Friends - Elizabeth Cook & Tim Carroll
  8. The Barn Dance - Gary Bennett
  9. The Song Of The One-Legged Chicken - Mark & Mike
  10. How To Talk To A Little Baby Goat - Jon Byrd
  11. Ole Lonesome George The Basset - Tommy Cash
  12. I Care - Bobby Bare
  13. I Made A Friend Of A Flower Today - Fayssoux Starling McLean
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