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The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil

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The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil
The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil


This Rough Guide is a psychedelic treat that is full to bursting with far-out Brazilian grooves. Discover cutting-edge explorations by artists like Tom Zé, Laranja Freak and Jupiter Maça, then dig deep into the archive and let loose to the retro vibrations of Quintal De Clorofila and José Mauro. Next, revel in one of the first ever reissues of the track "Renata" from a rare 1970 EP by offbeat psych-garage band, Liverpool.

Bonus CD: Jupiter Maça - 'A Sétima Enfervescencia'

Jupiter Maça's classic 1996 album, A Sétima Efervescência has become an acknowledged gauchó rock classic and is an inspiration on the contemporary néo-psícodélico scene in Brazil. The music comes with a heavy helping of echoing guitars, whimsical winding lyrics, and laidback drum riffs.


  1. Name
  2. Laranja Freak - Alergico De Flores
  3. Lula Côrtes - Nordeste Oriental
  4. Siba - Cantando Ciranda Na Beira Do Mar
  5. Baby Do Brasil - O Jarro
  6. Quintal De Clorofila - Jardim Das Delicias
  7. José Mauro - Obnoxious
  8. Graveola - Lindo Toque
  9. Flaviola - Noite
  10. Tom Zé - Uai-Uai - Revolta Queto-Xambá 1832
  11. Liverpool - Renata
  12. Mini Box Lunar - Amarelasse
  13. Mauricio Maestro Feat. Nana Vasconcelos And Kay Lyra - Agua Clara
  14. Marconi Notaro - Anthropologica II
  15. Lucas Santtana - Cá Pra Nós
  16. Piri - Reza Brava
  17. The Gentlemen - Sorriso Selvagem
  18. Um Lugar Do Caralho
  19. A Tortas E As Cucas
  20. Querida Superhist X Mr Frog
  21. Pictures And Paintings
  22. Eu E Minha Ex
  23. Walter Victor
  24. As Outras Que Me Querem
  25. Sociedade Humanoides Fantasticas
  26. O Novo Namorado
  27. Miss Lexotan 6 Mg Garota
  28. The Freaking Alice
  29. Essencia Interior
  30. Canção Para Dormir
  31. A 7 Enfervescencia Intergalatica
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