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The Rough Guide to Arabic Revolution

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The Rough Guide to Arabic Revolution
The Rough Guide to Arabic Revolution


During the Arab Spring, as protestors flooded the streets in protest against the ruling elite, it was music that galvanised their spirit and communicated their message out loud. Powerful chants, soaring traditional melodies and articulate hip-hop radiated throughout the revolutions. This Rough Guide charts the best underground tunes by El Tanbura, Sami Yusuf and Freemuse award winner Ramy Essam.

Bonus CD: Ramy Essam - 'El Masalah'

Protest singer, and Freemuse Award Winner, Ramy Essam was on the ground at Tahrir Square throughout the Egyptian Revolution. He roused the crowds with his stirring songs which were viral hits as well. After Mubarak's exit, Ramy returned to Tahrir Square only to be arrested and subject to torture for four hours by the army. Since the events of 2011 he has continued to campaign for democracy via his impassioned songs.


  1. Name
  2. Ramy Essam - Taty Taty
  3. Emel Mathlouthi - Kelmti Horra (My Word Is Free)
  4. El Tanbura - Heela Heela
  5. DAM Feat. Abeer Al Zinati - Hon Enwaladet Born Here (Arabic Version)
  6. El General Feat. Mr Shooma - State Of The Nation
  7. Cairokee - Sout El Horeya
  8. Sami Yusuf - I'm Your Hope
  9. Ibn Thabit - Calling The Libyan Youth
  10. May Matar - Metlak Mesh 3ayzin
  11. The Palestine National Ensemble Of Arabic Music - Kafkef Domouak
  12. Ramzi Aburedwan - Rahil
  13. Mustafa Said - Ya Masr Hanet We Banet
  14. Dal'Ouna - Et Nous, Nous Aimons La Vie
  15. Etma3zam
  16. Action
  17. 3ahd Mubark
  18. 3oksha
  19. Bata2ty
  20. Sabona W Khazoo2
  21. Shay El-Thawra
  22. 8 April
  23. Mal3oon
  24. El-Masala
  25. Bta2ty Acoustic
  26. Dabora W Short
  27. El-Ga7sh Wel 7omar
  28. Nafadt
  29. Tartoor
  30. Al-Masry Al-Asly
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