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The Rough Guide to Acoustic Africa

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The Rough Guide to Acoustic Africa
The Rough Guide to Acoustic Africa


This Rough Guide takes the listener on a criss-crossing journey across the African continent, sponging up the most evocative unplugged music emanating from the great continent along the way. Enjoy the rich desert blues of Etran Finatawa, the Baye Fall Gnawa of Nuru Kane, the masakanda magic of Shiyani Ncgobo, and the Mozambican melodies of Mabulu.

Bonus CD: Noumoucounda Cissoko - 'Faling'

Senegalese kora player Nomoucounda Cissoko weaves together his griot heritage with mbalax, blues, jazz, hip-hop and rock inspired improvisations. 'Faling' is his debut solo album and features Cissoko accompanied by Swiss musicians, Phat 4, who add shades of jazz and reggae to the acoustic mix.


  1. Name
  2. Etran Finatawa - Saghmar N Nanna
  3. Lala Njava - Sweet Lullaby
  4. Syran Mbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo - Mbanda Nasali Nini? (Madeleine)
  5. Shiyani Ngcobo - Yekanini
  6. Sotho Sounds - Ha Kele Monateng
  7. Monoswezi - Ndinewe
  8. Eyuphuro - Masikini
  9. Koo Nimo - See Wo Nom Me (Tsetse Fly You Suck My Blood)
  10. Mr Eddy & Sally Nyolo - Obili Éba
  11. Samba Touré - White Crocodile Blues (A Song For M) (Instrumental)
  12. Abdel Gadir Salim - Lemon Bara
  13. Amadou Diagne - Diamano
  14. Mory Kanté - Djou
  15. Vakoka - Aomby Mazava Loha
  16. Nuru Kane - Afrika
  17. Mabulu - AIDS (But Hope)
  18. Intro Interlude 1
  19. Noumou Koradioulou
  20. Nagnou Talal Loxxo Afrique
  21. Sining feat. Tumi Molekane
  22. Interlude 2
  23. Dindingo A Bamah
  24. Bannaya Foly
  25. Begg Ci Yow
  26. Yekhi Medina
  27. Interlude 3
  28. Gorgni
  29. Bannadenoufele
  30. Outro Interlude 4
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