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The Rough Guide to the Music of Palestine

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The Rough Guide to the Music of Palestine
The Rough Guide to the Music of Palestine


Palestine is a beautiful ancient land of faith where conflict appears to overshadow its creative voices. This unique Rough Guide explores the diverse and wonderful array of music that springs out of adversity and expresses the deep roots of Palestinian identity.

Bonus CD: Ramzi Aburedwan - 'Reflections of Palestine'
Born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp, Ramzi Aburedwan only began to play music in his late teens and is now a world-class solo musician and leader of the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music. Enjoy the gentle sounds of Ramzi's bouzouk, accompanied by oud, accordion and percussion on this evocative instrumental album.


  1. Name
  2. Sanaa Moussa - Wea'younha
  3. Le Trio Joubran - Nawwâr
  4. DAM feat Amal Murkus - If I Could Go Back In Time
  5. Toot Ard - Ash-Sham
  6. Momken Band - Ya Ktabna
  7. Jowan Safadi - Tayran Ababil
  8. Hosam Hayek - Give Me The Flute
  9. Amal Murkus - Doq
  10. Awan Group - Nahawand
  11. Haya Zaatry & Ghanni 3an Ta3rif - Manakir
  12. Shadi Zaqtan - Fi Balad
  13. Michel Sajrawy - Tojann
  14. Walaat Music Band - Alla Shiklo Shakshiklo
  15. Khalas - Badek Zafi
  16. Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler - Al-Shaatte' Al-Akhar
  17. Rahil
  18. Sans Adresse
  19. Sodfa
  20. Bahar
  21. Raja
  22. Tahrir
  23. Samai Farah Faza
  24. Bordeaux
  25. Andalus
  26. Gitans En Orient
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