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The Rough Guide to the Best Japanese Music You've Never Heard

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The Rough Guide to the Best Japanese Music You've Never Heard
The Rough Guide to the Best Japanese Music You've Never Heard


This Rough Guide offers an insight into the richness and diversity of some of Japan's most fascinating alternative music scenes. A collection of hard-to-discover musical gems by artists relatively unknown outside of Japan that follow on from the success of other Japanese albums in the Rough Guide series.

Compiled by the renowned radio presenter, journalist, and Japanese music expert Paul Fisher, this collection presents pioneering artists who push the boundaries of Japanese music, whilst at the same time paying respect to their musical heritage. A seamless collection of tracks from surf guitar influenced rock and pop to today's traditional revivalists. New and original sounds straight from the source.


  1. Name
  2. Utsumi Eika with Munekiyo Hiroshi & Sui-i-test Sound - Don-Don Bushi
  3. Boomdigi - Otemo-Yan
  4. Aragehonzi - Detarame Kagura
  5. Tsukudanaka Sanpachi - Eh! Eh? Eh!? Janaika
  6. Shigeri Kitsu - Tokyo no your
  7. Oki Dub Ainu Band - Suma Mukar
  8. Amamiaynu - Kyuramun Rimse
  9. Kanako Horiuchi & Falaye Sakho - Hana Umui/Yaboyae
  10. Rikki - Kuro Usagi Haneta
  11. Emiko and Kirisute Gomen - Shoten
  12. Lucy - Hiyamikachibushi
  13. The Surf Champlers - Misirlou
  14. Tetsuhiro Daiku - Kuroshima Kuduchi
  15. Aragaki Mutsumi - Naakunii-Hantabaru
  16. Etsuko Takezawa - Ano Hi e no Michinori
  17. Cockroach Eater - Saboten no Wakusei

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