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The Complete Polydor Years: Volume One (Boxset) (10CD)

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Box Set
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The Complete Polydor Years Volume One: 10CD Boxset
The Complete Polydor Years Volume One: 10CD Boxset


  • Formed in the last embers of the 70’s, Level 42 started as a Jazz Fusion band before embracing dance rock for which they would be best known.
  • The band’s first single Love Meeting Love was released in 1980 to much critical acclaim which led to the debut album, the self-titled Level 42 which charted in the top 20.
  • Throughout the 80’s the band released numerous albums and toured regularly building a large and devoted fan base – these early years are featured here
  • Volume One contains all the Level 42 albums from 1981 – 1984 in their original glory.
  • Discs 6 -10 contain all the B-Sides, 7” Mixes, remixes and rare versions from those eras. Compiled in conjunction with Level 42 and band experts Paul Wallace, Paul Waller and Simon Carson.
  • Sleeve notes by Record Collector’s Daryl Easlea who has spoken to band members current and past.
  • Housed in a sturdy box to fit 10 CDs and booklet containing a full track annotation and rare memorabilia
  • The band go out on a major tour in 2021 and are fully involved with the release of this box set.
  • This beauty is PART ONE! PART TWO to follow…


  1. Name
  2. Turn It On
  3. "43"
  4. Why Are You Leaving?
  5. Almost There
  6. Heathrow
  7. Love Games
  8. Dune Tune
  9. Starchild
  10. Sandstorm
  11. Love Meeting Love
  12. Theme To Margaret
  13. Autumn (Paradise Is Free)
  14. Wings Of Love
  15. Woman
  16. Mr. Pink
  17. 88
  18. Weave Your Spell
  19. The Pursuit Of Accidents
  20. Last Chance
  21. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?
  22. You Can't Blame Louis
  23. Eyes Waterfalling (The Prodigy)
  24. Shapeshifter
  25. The Chinese Way
  26. Micro Kid
  27. The Sun Goes Down(Living It Up)
  28. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
  29. Dance On Heavy Weather
  30. A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time)
  31. Standing In The Light
  32. I Want Eyes
  33. People
  34. The Machine Stops
  35. The Chant Has Begun
  36. Kansas City Milkman
  37. Seven Days
  38. Hot Water
  39. A Floating Life
  40. True Believers
  41. My Hero
  42. Kouyate
  43. Hours By The Window
  44. Love Meeting Love (7" Version) (First Time On Cd)
  45. (Flying On The) Wings Of Love (U.S. Mix - 7" Edit)
  46. Love Games (7" Version)
  47. Turn It On (7" Version)
  48. Starchild (7" Remix)
  49. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (7" Version)
  50. Weave Your Spell (7" Remix)
  51. The Chinese Way (7" Version)
  52. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (7" Version)
  53. The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (7" Version)
  54. Micro Kid (7" Version)
  55. Hot Water (7" Version)
  56. The Chant Has Begun(7" Edit)
  57. Instrumental Love
  58. Forty-Two
  59. Beezer One
  60. Foundation And Empire (Parts 1 & 2)
  61. The Return Of The Handsome Rugged Man
  62. Dune Tune (Live)
  63. Love Games (Live)
  64. 88 (Live)
  65. You Can't Blame Louis (Remix - 7" Version) (First Time On Cd)
  66. Can't Walk You Home (7" Version)
  67. Can't Walk You Home
  68. Turn It On (Live)
  69. Almost There (Edited Version)
  70. (Flying On The) Wings Of Love (U.S. Mix)
  71. (Flying On The) Wings Of Love (Remix '81)
  72. Love Games (Full Length Version)
  73. Turn It On (Full Length Version)
  74. Starchild (Remix - Long Version)
  75. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (Extended Version)
  76. Weave Your Spell (Extended Version)
  77. The Chinese Way (Extended Version)
  78. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Extended Version)
  79. You Can't Blame Louis (Extended Remix)
  80. The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (Extended Version)
  81. Micro Kid (Extended Version) (First Time On Cd)
  82. Micro Kid (I-Level Remix)
  83. The Chinese Way (New York Remix)
  84. The Chinese Way (Dub)
  85. Hot Water (Mastermix)
  86. Standing In The Light (Extended Version)
  87. Micro Kid (Specially Remixed Version)
  88. Micro Kid (Dub Version)
  89. The Chant Has Begun (Power Mix)
  90. The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (Upfront Mix)
  91. Love Games (U.S. Remix)
  92. Sandstorm (Live May 1982)
  93. Mr. Pink (Live May 1982)
  94. It's A Happening
  95. The Chinese Way (Dub Edit) (First Time On Cd)
  96. Last Chance (Extended Version)
  97. Heathrow(Live At Regal Theatre, Hitchin)
  98. Turn It On (Live At Regal Theatre, Hitchin)
  99. Eyes Waterfalling (The Prodigy) (Live At Regal Theatre, Hitchin)
  100. The Pursuit Of Accidents (Live At Regal Theatre, Hitchin)
  101. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (Live At Regal Theatre, Hitchin)
  102. Standing In The Light (7" Version)
  103. Goodbye Ray Schmidt-Volk
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