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New York Graffiti - 1619-1750 Broadway ~ An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968: 4CD Boxset

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New York Graffiti - 1619-1750 Broadway ~ An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968: 4CD Boxset
New York Graffiti - 1619-1750 Broadway ~ An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968: 4CD Boxset




  • Some Americans reference the music of their parents from the late 1950s to mid-1960s as the American Graffiti The term coined by George Lucas in his movie homage to that period and the youth coming of age during that time. And so RPM uses that reference as it’s setting to focus on the records produced by a group of music companies operating in the ‘tin pan alley’ of New York from the Brill Building at 1619 Broadway and up around the block.


  • A fascinating story emerges surrounding the growth of a group of independent US Publishing Companies, some 28 in number, the oldest of which Broadway Music was founded in 1914, and how by the end of 1968 all had come under the ownership of one, the Edward Kassner Music Company.


  • New York Graffiti is set in the time when the song publishers launched their own in house record labels. Not only that, these companies were part of the business as a vertical integration of publishers, writers, arrangers, producers, labels, studios, artists, management, DJs, radio. Most in the same district of New York, often in the same building. With control of ‘the Song’ then it was about manipulating as much as possible around it’s exploitation for maximum commercial exposure. With our group of Publishers they specifically launched and ran the labels Joy Records, Seville Records, President Records, Duel, Gulf, Shell Records, Select, and the recordings on this collection are drawn from them.


  • An 80 page perfect bound book(let) reveals this story in detail, including photos and images never before published, history of the songs, along with biogs of every artist in the box. These include the singer / songwriters Neil Diamond’s early single as Neil & Jack, and Tom Pacheco in his first band The Raggamuffins, artists Shirley Ellis pre-‘Clapping Song’ as Shirley Elliston, soon to be backing Elvis and Dusty in American Studios ‘Memphis Boy’ Bobby Wood, pre-Three Degrees producer Richard Barrett, ‘Montego Bay’ Bobby Bloom during his time with The Imaginations.


  • And many examples of where the Song is King such as Prisoner of Love, a 1946 Perry Como record, here as a glorious swing beat number by Billy Duke months before James Brown’s soul defining version. Ricky Shaw’s stab at Rick Nelson with A Fool’s Memory subsequently covered by Billy Fury, Bobby Sherman’s RnB classic Do You Want To Dance here given the then-on-trend ‘twist’ treatment by Joey &The Twisters just before Cliff Richard’s upbeat pop version, Earl Wade’s bossa version of Feel So Bad which was soon followed by Elvis’s hit single version, and more obscurely Laura Lynn’s beautifully swooning It Took A Long Time Coming then covered by Robert Plant as an early solo single.


  • Not to mention the label’s own hits including ‘Bobby’s Girl’, ‘Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out)’, ‘Little Band Of Gold’, ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Hootenanny’, ‘Pushin’ Your Luck’.


  • Over half the set is on CD for the first time with three tracks previously unreleased, two more freshly mixed down from multi track tapes. Many very collectable, such as the garage sound of The Barbarians, the early Neil Diamond as Neil & Jack, Northern and early Soul classics including those from Pat Hervey, Roger Pace, Linda Cumbo, Pat Jarvis, Sonny Stiles, The Kampells, Millie Foster, Curtis Knight. This gorgeous box set comprises over 100 tracks and 250 minutes of music.


  • New York Graffiti - a romp through a decade of American Pop history, 1958-1968, following a specific set of Publishers and their record labels who mirrored all the key Pop music movements of that period: Doo Wop, Rock n Roll, RnB, early Soul, Girl Group, Folk, Beat, Garage.


  1. Name
  2. Ankle Bracelet
  3. Story Tellin' Baby
  4. Judy And Joyce
  5. Sock Hop
  6. Lavender Coffin
  7. Blue Flute
  8. I Am Yours
  9. But Are You Sure
  10. The King
  11. Feeling This Thing Called Love
  12. Baby You're A Long Time Dead
  13. Boca Raton
  14. Pitter Patter
  15. A Beautiful Love
  16. Lost The Right (Take 9) -
  17. Don't Believe Them
  18. Feel So Bad
  19. Hurricane
  20. You're Still My Baby
  21. Fools Fall In Love
  22. Hey You
  23. Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)
  24. It Was Like Heaven
  25. Heart Breaker
  26. Love Is The Greatest Thing
  27. Oh Love (Stop Knockin On My Door)
  28. Pretty Baby
  29. Bossa Rock
  30. When You've Got Love
  31. Night And Day U.S.A.
  32. Wheel And Deal
  33. Do You Want To Dance
  34. Early Sunday
  35. Lovin' Time
  36. Go Shout It From A Mountain
  37. Bobby's Girl
  38. Love Wheel
  39. Jigsaw Puzzle
  40. A Fool's Memory
  41. Even Though
  42. Lovin' Time
  43. You're Gonna Be Sorry
  44. Bitterness
  45. There'll Be No Goodbyes
  46. I'm Afraid
  47. Til You've Tried Love
  48. Bye Bye Travelin Man
  49. Real Churchy
  50. That's All I Need
  51. Midnight Hassle
  52. Nobody Knows
  53. Tell Me More
  54. Little Band Of Gold
  55. Summers Come And Gone
  56. Hootenanny
  57. Did I Think About You
  58. Will You Wait (Pt 1 )
  59. What A Thrill
  60. Devil's Waitin' (On Bald Mountain)
  61. 609
  62. Larry
  63. The Sweetest Boy
  64. You Got It Bad
  65. The Street
  66. Snow Surfin'
  67. Boys Cry
  68. Get Lost
  69. Just Like My Baby
  70. I'm Hurt And So Is My Heart
  71. Don't Deceive Me
  72. Just In The Nick Of Time
  73. When I Meet A Girl Like You
  74. You've Got To Understand
  75. Pompton Turnpike
  76. People In Love
  77. Take The Bitter With The Sweet
  78. Hello Lady
  79. I Don't Want To Make You Cry
  80. Sha La Lu Luma
  81. Hey Little Bird
  82. I Have Love
  83. Dixatay
  84. Prisoner Of Love
  85. Did You Ever Lose Your Mind Over A Boy
  86. The Hurtin Kind
  87. It's Their World
  88. Fools Paradise
  89. Now I'm At The Top
  90. Four Times Faster
  91. Last Exit To Brooklyn
  92. Girl Can't Take A Joke
  93. She Belongs To Me
  94. You Day Is Coming
  95. The Truth Hurts
  96. The Minute My Back Was Turned
  97. Give A Little Bit
  98. You Copped My Soul
  99. Here She Comes
  100. Yesterday,Today And Tomorrow
  101. The Soul Of My Man
  102. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
  103. It Took A Long Time Coming
  104. Alley Pond Park
  105. Hate To See A Good Thing Have To Go
  106. Cry Alone
  107. It Wasn't Happening At All
  108. You Can't Do That
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