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Haywire Riot

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Haywire Riot
Haywire Riot


The American South isn't just a point on the compass. It's a state of mind and way of life. It's the way you think, drink and tip your hat. It's the land where music is king, and the bands who make it are gods. When you strum a guitar south of the Mason-Dixon Line, you're running with a rock 'n' roll baton that's been carried by everyone from the Allman Brothers to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It takes a special kind of modern band to walk in those footsteps, but in 2012, Skinny Molly are back to storm the podium and ram-raid a rock scene crying out for heroes. Batten down the hatches: there's a Haywire Riot goin' on The four members of Skinny Molly might have heavyweight history, but 'Haywire Riot' is all about the here-and-now. Released in early-Fall through Ruf Records, this is a follow-up record that hijacks the modern rock scene, via the old-school values of stellar songwriting, white-hot chops, lyrics wrenched from the depths and performances that leave it all the studio floor. Step into Skinny Molly's world and you'll come face-to-face with the deceptive lover from 'Lie To Me', the girl hiding a gun in her glovebox on 'Too Bad To Be True', and the poisonous call of liquor on 'Devil In The Bottle'. With music that swings from the wrecking-ball riffs of' If You Don't Care' to the reflective acoustic vibe of' None Of Me', this is maximum rock 'n' roll, zero pretension, and when Mike Estes roars: "Hey rock star, just shut up and rock!" on the track of the same name, there's no doubt the Skinny Molly singer is leading by example. But killer songs were only half the equation. Great rock 'n' roll is also about chemistry, and if the walls of Alabama's Swamper Sound Studios could talk, they'd tell of a recording session where four world-class musicians collided and caught the sparks.


  1. Name
  2. If You Don't Care
  3. Devil In The Bottle
  4. Two Good Wheels
  5. Too Bad To Be True
  6. Judge Parker
  7. Bitin' The Dog
  8. Lie To Me
  9. Shut Up And Rock
  10. After You
  11. None Of Me No More
  12. Dodgin' Bullets
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