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Bliss Avenue

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Bliss Avenue
Bliss Avenue


All Dana Fuchs has to do is sing. All it takes is one note from those celebrated lips and clocks stop, crowds snap to attention, hearts beat like bass drums and neck-hair tingles. It's often been said that the Florida-born frontwoman could sing the phone directory and still hold her listeners spellbound. True enough, but in 2013, when Dana applies that extraordinary voice to the classic songs from third album 'Bliss Avenue', you'll realise that you're in the presence of once-a-generation greatness. 'Bliss Avenue' is the most honest and unflinching studio album in Dana's catalogue. Once again co-written alongside her long-time wingman and guitarist Jon Diamond, these songs weren't simply tracked in box-ticking fashion, but wrenched from the depths and laid down without gloss or polish. "If there's one line that sounds thrown away or dialed in, it has to be redone," says Dana. "Every word needs to express the emotion of the song or no one will get it and it leaves me cold." The resulting album is a window into the singer's worldview, drawing on everything from the tragic loss of her beloved brother to the loneliness of life on the road. Quite simply, 'Bliss Avenue': shoots for the stars, runs with fans' expectations and channels the blues while simultaneously defying them. "While the album content may seem dark," explains Dana, "I'm not in a dark place at all, but rather a very hopeful place for music, spirituality and mankind. It often takes looking into the dark soul to see the light".


  1. Name
  2. Bliss Avenue
  3. How Did Things Get This Way
  4. Handful Too Many
  5. Livin' On Sunday
  6. So Hard To Move
  7. Daddy's Little Girl
  8. Rodents In The Attic
  9. Baby Loves The Life
  10. Nothin' On My Mind
  11. Keep On Walkin'
  12. Vagabond Wind
  13. Long Long Game
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