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Songs From The Road (CD + DVD)

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)
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Songs From The Road (CD + DVD)
Songs From The Road (CD + DVD)


2 Disc CD + DVD Set. Tne night. One shot. No safety net. If there was pressure afoot as Joanne Shaw Taylor walked onstage at The Borderline on May 12th, 2013, then the bandleader used it as rocket-fuel, channeling the vibe into the set of her life. Now, six months later, that explosive performance is captured on 'Songs From The Road' - a live album with the soul power to jostle the greats off the podium. "I'm really pleased with it," says Joanne. "It's everything I wanted it to be." As the latest release in Ruf Records' legendary Songs From The Road series, this CD/DVD set is the live album you've been screaming for. "The timing is good," agrees Joanne. "My fans, and especially the blues fans, have been asking me for a live album for a while now. I'm glad that we waited, and didn't do it two years ago, because hopefully I've improved. We've done three studio albums now, so I think the live album ties all the albums together." A seasoned road-warrior since 2009's debut album 'White Sugar', Joanne has nothing to fear from the stage, but the demands of her diary meant Songs From The Road presented a logistical challenge. "We only had one chance to do it because of my schedule," she reflects. "If I'd have played terribly - which fortunately I don't think I did - it would have been unusable. It worked out really well, and I think a big part of that is because the fans were so good. "We wanted to do it in London," Joanne continues, "and the reason for picking The Borderline was because I wanted something small and intimate. I grew up being inspired by those small Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert Collins club gigs, and I wanted to have that same 'everyone-packed-in-like-sardines' vibe - as opposed to a big production and losing some of that intimacy."


  1. Name
  2. Soul Station
  3. Tied And Bound
  4. Beautifully Broken
  5. Watch 'Em Burn
  6. Diamonds In The Dirt
  7. Manic Depression
  8. Jealousy
  9. Kiss The Ground Goodbye
  10. Just Another Word
  11. Band Introductions
  12. Jump That Train
  13. Going Home
  14. Soul Station
  15. Tied And Bound
  16. Beautifully Broken
  17. Watch 'Em Burn
  18. Diamonds In The Dirt
  19. You Should Stay I Should Go
  20. Almost Always Never
  21. Jealousy
  22. Kiss The Ground Goodbye
  23. Just Another Word
  24. Let It Burn
  25. Time Has Come
  26. Jump That Train
  27. Lose Myself To Loving You
  28. Going Home
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