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Songs From The Road

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Songs From The Road
Songs From The Road


This isnt a show. Its a street party. You join us on Day 142 of Andy Frasco & The U.N.s 2016 world tour, and in the sleepy German town of Bamberg, all hell is breaking loose. Fans invade the stage. Tubas are set on fire. And at the eye of the storm, theres the frontman himself: a wild-haired whirling dervish who spends opening song C Boogie bucking his hips, hammering on his piano keys and dancing in the front row. Were recording a live album in your town, Frasco announces to the crowd. Its gonna be awesome That album is Songs From The Road: a new CD/DVD set from Ruf Records that captures all the full-throttle mayhem. There is, quite simply, nothing like an Andy Frasco & The U.N. show. While other bands trudge through the setlist, these renegades rocket-fuel the songs from their four studio albums including 2016s breakthrough Happy Bastards and leave fans with mile-wide grins. Basically, were trying to freak people out, explains Frasco. I want people to be spiritually uplifted and happy and also make them think a little bit. Live bands dont get this good overnight. Frascos own story goes back to the suburbs of post-millennial Los Angeles, where at the tender age of 13, he used his industrial-strength charm to blag a job as a record label executive, fitting maths classes around business calls. Aged just 16, he was touring the States with one of his signings. I grew up too quick, he reflects. I fell in love with the road and I just kept going. Failure was not an option for me. In his early years as a hype man, Frasco always had charisma in spades, but hell admit that he bullshitted my way til I finally learned how to sing and play piano. In 2007, he pulled together The U.N. from the cream of the international scene and set out on a world tour that has never really ended. This band is a group of gypsies, he says. Weve been living in a van for ten years straight, doing 250 shows a year. Thats really not the norm. Were basically blue-collar musicians, on the road every day, making a living. We might be sleeping on guitar cases, guitar amps, someones floor but were happy. Were fulfilling our dream. The Van Morrisons and The Bands of this world, he continues, in the early years, theyd play in every coffee shop and grungy bar, yknow, getting pink eye from a dirty couch. But youre gonna have to deal with all that for the bigger purpose. And the bigger purpose is about trying to make people happy, as much as you can. Since the release of 2016s Happy Bastards, everyone wants a piece of them. With material that took in funk, soul, rock, roots and the bands self-styled party blues, this was an album that you knew would sound amazing live. Sure enough, as The U.N. take the stage in Bamberg, songs like the funky Tie You Up and the stomp singalong of Mature As Fuck have never sounded better. That song is basically about doing stuff for yourself and not worrying what other people think of you, explains Frasco, because youre a grown-ass man. Youll also find highlights from The U.N.s back catalogue, with Frasco revisiting his acclaimed 2014 album Half A Man for songs like Sunny Day Soldier and Stop Fucking Around. I dont have a setlist, he says. I like to see who the audience is. Big influences of mine as a frontman are the Frank Sinatras and the James Browns, and how they controlled the show. And Frasco certainly does that. As night falls in Bamberg, his megawatt energy only seems to crank up, whether hes leaping onto the monitors, bringing local kids onstage to dance or directing the crowd to either side of the town square (Left! Right!). At last, just when it seems the performance cant get any more anarchic, the band pulls out a bristling cover of Rage Against The Machines classic Killing In The Name, with Frasco encouraging the crowd to raise their middle fingers in defiance. Be whoever you want to be, he tells them as a parting shot. Now lets get the fuck out of here If you havent seen Andy Frasco & The U.N. on the stage yet, youre missing one of the great live bands of our times. But with Songs From The Road, you get a front-row seat. I try to make our live shows a celebration, says Frasco. Were just trying to get people out of their heads for a couple hours and live in the moment. I feel like Songs From The Road emulates what our band really is, better than any recording we've done to date.


  1. Name
  2. C Boogie 
  3. When Youre Lonely (Fill You Up)
  4. Tie You Up
  5. Make It Work 
  6. Mature As Fuck 
  7. Stop Fucking Around
  8. Its Been A Struggle
  9. Smokin Dope And Rock N Roll
  10. Crazy Guy
  11. Down The Road
  12. Doin It
  13. Sunny Day Soldier
  14. What More Can I Say
  15. Main Squeeze
  16. Killing In The Name
  17. C Boogie 
  18. When Youre Lonely (Fill You Up)
  19. Tie You Up
  20. Make It Work 
  21. Mature As Fuck 
  22. Stop Fucking Around
  23. Its Been A Struggle
  24. Smokin Dope And Rock N Roll
  25. Down The Road
  26. Doin It
  27. Baby Take The Day Off
  28. Sunny Day Soldier
  29. What More Can I Say
  30. Main Squeeze
  31. Killing In The Name
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