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A Legend Never Dies (Essential Recordings 1976 - 1997)

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A Legend Never Dies (Essential Recordings 1976 - 1997)
A Legend Never Dies (Essential Recordings 1976 - 1997)


"Here you go. The box set celebrating the 20th anniversary of the passing of blues legend Luther Allison is on its way around the world to his fans and friends. This release is limited and numbered to 1000 LP sets; you should not wait to get your copy of this collection containing the essential albums Luther recorded after his Motown years. In addition to the albums, our friend Art Tipaldi has written a 88-page coffee table book featuring Luther's inspiring story, comments from his friends and associates, as well as many rare and private photos. Plenty of video footage is included on four DVDs. You'll get to see performances from 1997 (Live in Paradise and Zoo Bar), 1991 (a concert in Germany where Luther plays alongside his son Bernard), and 1987 (a show from East Berlin). It's all there; this compilation is a feast for the eyes, ears, and heart of any blues fan. If you don´t have time to experience the entire box set, I highly recommend watching Luther's performance during the 1996 W.C. Handy Awards. In it, the energy and love of a typical three-hour Luther Allison show compresses into a 15-minute relentless blues showcase that will leave you feeling astonished and gratified. This particular performance was the climax of his incredible career. Luther stole the show by performing and then by taking home five awards (including Blues Entertainer of the Year). Luther Allison is a genuine blues hero with an incomparable expanse of energy and love for his music and for the people who loved it. I hope you enjoy every bit of this celebratory Luther Allison collection". - (Thomas Ruf)


  1. Name
  2. Gambler's Blues
  3. Sweet Home Chicago
  4. The Bum Is Mine
  5. Same Thing
  6. Easy Baby
  7. Bloomington Closing
  8. Little Red Rooster
  9. Serious
  10. Backtrack
  11. Let's Try It Again
  12. Freedom
  13. Life Is A Bitch
  14. Just Memories
  15. Fight
  16. Bad News Is Coming
  17. Just My Guitar (And Me)
  18. Now You Got It
  19. Let's Have A Little Talk
  20. The Dock Of The Bay
  21. Good Morning Love
  22. One More
  23. Lightning Bolt
  24. I Need A Friend
  25. Castle
  26. She's Fine
  27. Stay With Me
  28. Farmer's Child
  29. Don't Burn My Bread
  30. You're The One
  31. Hand Me Down My Moonshine
  32. Meet Me In My Own Hometown
  33. Bad Love
  34. I Wanna Know
  35. She Was Born That Way
  36. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  37. You've Been Teasin' Me
  38. Nobody But You
  39. Middle Of The Road
  40. Gave It All
  41. Soul Fixin' Man
  42. Freedom
  43. Things That I Used To Do
  44. All The King's Horses
  45. What Have I Done Wrong?
  46. Big City
  47. Move From The 'Hood
  48. What's Going On In My Home?
  49. You Don't Know
  50. Watching You
  51. Walking Papers
  52. Think With Your Heart
  53. I Believe In You
  54. Should I Wait?
  55. Midnight Creeper
  56. I'm Back
  57. Drownin' At The Bottom
  58. There Comes A Time
  59. Cancel My Check
  60. Just As I Am
  61. You Can Run But You Can't Hide
  62. Playin' A Losin' Game
  63. Will It Ever Change?
  64. Living In The House Of The Blues
  65. You Can, You Can
  66. It's A Blues Thing
  67. Pain In The Streets
  68. Low Down And Dirty
  69. You're Gonna Make Me Cry
  70. Backtrack
  71. Life Is A Bitch
  72. Reaching Out
  73. Parking Lot
  74. Serious
  75. Just Memories
  76. Should I Wait
  77. Let's Try It Again
  78. We're On The Road
  79. Freedom
  80. Backtrack, I'm On The Road Again
  81. Show Me A Reason
  82. Should I Wait
  83. Chicago
  84. Too Many Women
  85. Fight
  86. Rich Man
  87. Cold As Ice
  88. Just My Guitar (And Me)
  89. Love Is Free
  90. I'm Ready
  91. Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
  92. I Think I Need Some Help
  93. Next Generation
  94. All Your Love
  95. Life Is A Bitch
  96. Bad News Is Coming
  97. Parking Lot
  98. L.A.´s Knocking On Your Door
  99. Freedom
  100. I´m Back
  101. Living In The House Of Blues
  102. You Don´t Know
  103. Bad Love
  104. It´s A Blues Thing
  105. Move From The Hood
  106. Watching You (Cherry Red Wine)
  107. Pain In The Streets
  108. Will It Ever Change?
  109. There Comes A Time
  110. Just As I Am
  111. Parking Lot
  112. Low Down And Dirty
  113. The Sky Is Crying
  114. Serious
  115. ...If I Were You
  116. You Can´t Always Get What You Want
  117. You Are So Beautiful
  118. Luthers Improvisation
  119. Living In The House Of The Blues
  120. Interview - Part 1
  121. Soul Fixin Man
  122. Move From The Hood
  123. Interview - Part 2
  124. Low Down And Dirty
  125. Interview - Part 3
  126. You Can Run But You Cant Hide
  127. How Blue Can You Get
  128. Introduction By Ruth Brown 
  129. Living In The House Of Blues 
  130. You Can Run But You Cant Hide
  131. Bad Love - Video Clip
  132. Luther Interview
  133. Luther Tribute
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