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Must Be Live

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)
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Must Be Live
Must Be Live


Although theyve performed together since 1992 and been married since 1993, Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart waited until 2001 to officially bind their acts together with this double live album. Said Stacey: The live CD is a celebration of Mark and I going duo. Its got some of the stories. Its a thin line -- some people might think we babble too much on stage, but a lot of em have been asking for more. Mark: Wed been playing three or four years of 250 dates a year and this pretty much reflects what everybody heard along the way. For those who havent heard us, well, now they have a document of what we do."


  1. Name
  2. Cancha Dance
  3. He's A Keeper
  4. Is It Enough (I Luuuv You)
  5. Kiss Her Goodnight
  6. Show Me How
  7. Struck A Good Chord
  8. Wedding Night
  9. In My Way
  10. I've Got A Secret
  11. Losers Weep
  12. Simple Gearle
  13. My Gearle
  14. Makes Me Happy
  15. He's My Gearle
  16. Gonna Love Me Someday
  17. On Gearle
  18. Tears That She Cries
  19. Shopping Trip
  20. Weekend Runaways
  21. No Big Deal
  22. Next Door Down
  23. Dancin' With Them That Brung Me
  24. ExplaNation
  25. Lorraine
  26. Girl From Louisian'
  27. Codependent Larvae
  28. How I Ran
  29. Must Be Love
  30. White Lies
  31. One Day Closer
  32. Good Buy
  33. Good By
  34. Sitar Town
  35. Cried My Heart Out
  36. Best I Can Do
  37. Just Another Day
  38. No Big Deal
  39. Next Door Down
  40. Dancin' With Them That Brung Me
  41. ExplaNation
  42. Lorraine
  43. Girl From Louisian'
  44. Codependent Larvae
  45. How I Ran
  46. Must Be Love
  47. White Lies
  48. One Day Closer
  49. Good Buy
  50. Good By
  51. Sitar Town
  52. Cried My Heart Out
  53. Best I Can Do
  54. Just Another Day
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