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Another Wisdom

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Another Wisdom
Another Wisdom


Malcolm Holcombe is an acclaimed singer/songwriter who has been compared to John Prine and Tom Waits. "He deftly mixes blues, folk and Appalachian music into a sound that is unmistakably all his own. His stentorian voice can by turns sound menacing, reflective, ebullient or deferential and his guitar playing is an aggressive hybrid of strums, picks, slaps and pulls. Then there are his lyrics. The opening track, for example, a song called "The Station", about the destitute at what could be either a bus depot or just a hub in the poorer section of town, becomes a character study and philosophical rumination on those who gather there. "Woman Missing" is about the emotional struggle of trying to get over someone and falling short. "Who Carried You" is unquestionably one of Malcolm Holcombe's masterpieces. As with many of his songs, the meaning can be debated and the lyrics interpreted in any number of ways; whether it's about the effects of an abortion or of being abandoned, either way, it's one hell of a song. Malcolm Holcombe is an original and that becomes more obvious with every note and word you hear from him. Very simply put, no one out there is making music like this." - Jud Block (Rockzillaworld).


  1. Name
  2. The Station
  3. Bring The Water Down
  4. Woman Missin'
  5. Love Abides
  6. Mister In Morgantown
  7. Another Wisdom
  8. Sleepy Town
  9. Marvalene's Ktichen
  10. Who Carried You
  11. Captured By Paradise
  12. Grace In Sand
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