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My Toot Toot: An Anthology

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My Toot Toot: An Anthology
My Toot Toot: An Anthology


Denise is undoubtedly one of the longest serving Ladies of soul having made her first recordings in the 1960s for the legendary Chess label and she hasn't stopped singing yet. Her initial successes were in the 1970s when she was signed to the Westbound label and was being produced by the inimitable Willie Mitchell. During this period she had 10 R&B hits, four of which, "Trapped By A Thing Called Love", "Now Run And Tell That", "Man Sized Job" and "Married, But Not To Each Other" crossed over to the billboard pop charts. These are of course featured on this album. After leaving Westbound she had a relatively quiet period at ABC Dunhill before signing in 1982 to Malaco Records in her home state of Mississippi. There her success was re-established and in fact it was with this record company that she scored her major international hit, "My Toot Toot" (aka "My Tu Tu"). This anthology, compiled by the guru of black music Ian Dewhirst, brings together all the great recordings from Denise LaSalle. Anyone who likes to hear their music performed with passion, intensity and soul is going to love this collection of her best works.


  1. Name
  2. Trapped By A Thing Called Love
  3. Now Run And Tell That
  4. Man Sized Job
  5. Do Me Right
  6. Married, But Not To Each Other
  7. Lady In The Street
  8. I Was Not The Best Woman
  9. Come to Bed
  10. Don't Mess With My Man
  11. Righ Place, Right Time
  12. Why Does It Feel So Right
  13. Keep Your Pants On
  14. Bump And Grind
  15. Caught In Your Own Mess
  16. You Gotta Pay To Play
  17. Bring It On Home to Me
  18. Don't Cry No More
  19. Don't Mess With My Toot Toot
  20. If You Can Do Me Right
  21. Write This One Off (As A Loss)
  22. Love and Happiness
  23. Trapped.....1990
  24. Drop That Zero
  25. Wet Match
  26. Paper Thin
  27. I'm Loved
  28. When We're Making Love
  29. Love Me Right
  30. Don't Pick It Up
  31. Fast Hands And A Dirty Mind
  32. Three People
  33. Dial 1-900-Get-Some
  34. No Supervision
  35. Child of the Ghetto
  36. A Woman Needs To Be Loved
  37. Blues Party Tonight
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