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Great British Rock 'N' Roll 1948-1956

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Great British Rock 'N' Roll 1948-1956
Great British Rock 'N' Roll 1948-1956


Of the four Smith&Co 'Just About As Good As It Gets' releases this month, this 62-track volume is the hardest to categorize. Many would argue that there was no such thing as Great British Rock 'n' Roll in the 1950s, or at least not until 1958 when Cliff Richard's "Move It" offered a rather more convincing home-grown hit than all of its predecessors. However, apart from the Skiffle explosion there was another quirky musical scene happening in Britain during the late '40s and '50s. As far as PMD is aware, this compilation is the first authoritative musical documentation of that scene. Perhaps it should better be classed as Nostalgia rather than Rock 'n' Roll but there is a lot of fascinating stuff here, such as the Deep River Boys (from Virginia, USA, recording in Britain during their many UK tours), Ray Ellington (a British-based black bandleader of American & Russian descent) and Winifred Atwell, a classically trained pianist from Trinidad who would go to 'her other piano' to belt out some rockin' boogies. Elsewhere there are numerous talented British jazzers seeing which way the wind was blowing and jumping that jive, and some up 'n' coming UK popsters swaying their hips to the transatlantic rhythm. And of course Tommy Steele, who was acclaimed as Britain's first Rock 'n' Roll star.


  1. Name
  2. Rock a Beatin' Boogie - The Deep River Boys
  3. Giddy Up a Ding Dong - Ray Ellington
  4. Rock With the Caveman - Tommy Steele and The Steelmen
  5. Teach You to Rock - Tony Crombie & His Rockets
  6. Boogie In The Groove - Winifred Atwell
  7. Ain't That a Shame - The Southlanders
  8. Seventeen - Don Lang
  9. Honky Tonk - Bert Weedon
  10. Shake, Rattle and Roll - The Deep River Boys
  11. Bell Bottom Blues - Alma Cogan
  12. Stranded in the Jungle - Ray Ellington
  13. Big City Blues - The Kirchin Band
  14. Elevator Rock - Tommy Steele and The Steelmen
  15. Don't Nobody Move - Lee Lawrence
  16. Oakie Boogie - Lita Roza
  17. Yancey Special - Winifred Atwell
  18. Blue Suede Shoes - The Canadians
  19. Why Do Fools Fall in Love - Alma Cogan
  20. My Boy Flat Top - Frankie Vaughn
  21. I Want You to Be My Baby - Don Lang
  22. Doomsday Rock - Tommy Steele and The Steelmen
  23. Shortin' Bread Rock - Tony Crombie & His Rockets
  24. Tweedlee Dee - The Kirchin Band
  25. Rokin' Through The Rye - The Canadians
  26. Sound Barrier Boogie - Thunderclap Jones
  27. That's Right - The Deep River Boys
  28. Hamp's Boogie Woogie - Winifred Atwell
  29. Where In The World Is Billy - Eve Boswell
  30. Rock 'n' Roll Opera - Lee Lawrence
  31. I Didn't Know - Johnny Brandon
  32. Rock Around the Clock - The Hedley Ward Trio
  33. Whole Wide World - The Deep River Boys
  34. Let's You and I Rock - Tony Crombie & His Rockets
  35. Rebel Rock - Tommy Steele and The Steelmen
  36. Jimmy Dorsey Boogie - Winifred Atwell
  37. Rock A Boogie Baby - Diana Decker
  38. (Oh Baby) Beedleumbo - The Kirchin Band
  39. Rock 'N' Roll King Cole - Eric Delaney Band
  40. D.R. Rock - Bert Weedon
  41. Smack Dab in the Middle - The Deep River Boys
  42. Rock Around the Town - Tommy Steele and The Steelmen
  43. Dreamboat - Alma Cogan
  44. Rock Around The Island - Don Lang
  45. I Want You to Be My Baby - Eric Jupp
  46. Sham Rock - Tony Crombie & His Rockets
  47. Rock Around the Clock - The Deep River Boys
  48. Juke Box Baby - The Canadians
  49. Singing the Blues - Tommy Steele and The Steelmen
  50. Cross Hands Boogie - Winifred Atwell
  51. Five Guys Named Moe - The Ray Ellington Quartet
  52. Rock 'N' Roll Blues - Don Lang
  53. Paper Kisses - Alma Cogan
  54. Strip the Camshaft - The Ray Ellington Quartet
  55. Vine Street Bogie - Winifred Atwell
  56. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - The Deep River Boys
  57. Chine Boogie - Bert Weedon
  58. Shim Sham Shuffle - Johnny Brandon
  59. Razzle Dazzle; Shortnin' Bread Rock - Ken Jones and his Rock 'n' Rollers
  60. Giddy Up A Ding Dong; Saints Rock 'n' Roll - Ken Jones and his Rock 'n' Rollers
  61. ABC Boogie - Five Smith Brothers
  62. She Loves to Rock - The Stargazers
  63. Rock a Bye Baby - Johnny Brandon
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