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The Genius of Lionel Bart

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The Genius of Lionel Bart
The Genius of Lionel Bart


This 3CD tribute to the British composer Lionel Bart features selections from his stage successes "Oliver!", "Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be", pop hits by Shirley Bassey, Cliff Richard, Anthony Newley, Tommy Steele, Adam Faith, Alma Cogan, rare demos from the musical "Blitz!" and rarities from his unproduced shows such as "Gulliver's Travels", and "Quasimodo".

Lionel Bart's first three stage musicals were smash hits in London's West End. "Oliver!" also triumphed on Broadway and the film won the Oscar for Best Picture. Bart also composed pop songs for stars such as Shirley Bassey, Anthony Newley, Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard. This 3 CD set includes an extensive booklet containing many previously unseen photographs and was produced with support from the Lionel Bart Foundation. It features songs performed by Bart himself, selections from his stage successes, his pop hits, unused material for the James Bond film "Thunderball" and rare demos from his unproduced shows (some performed by Justin Hayward) making it a treat for fans and an essential resource for music scholars, as many of the tracks here have never been commercially issued before.


  1. Name
  2. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be Overture - Tony Osborne And His Orchestra / G'night Dearie - Sidney James, Marion Ryan, Rita Williams
  3. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be - Joan Heal And Alfred Marks
  4. Layin' Abaht - Harry Fowler, Marion Ryan, Alfred Marks, Joan Heal, Alfie Bass
  5. Where It's Hot - Alfie Bass
  6. The Ceiling's Comin' Dahn - Joan Heal with Barney Gilbraith
  7. Contempery - Tony Tanner
  8. Cochran Will Return - Alfred Marks
  9. Polka Dots - Joan Heal With Tony Tanner
  10. Meatface (1) - Lionel Bart
  11. Where Do Little Birds Go? - Marion Ryan
  12. Big Time - Adam Faith
  13. Meatface (2) - Lionel Bart
  14. Carve Up! - Adam Faith
  15. Cop A Bit Of Pride - Sidney James And Marion Ryan
  16. The Student Ponce - Harry Fowler
  17. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be - The Company
  18. Where Does The Ravishing Begin? - Hy Hazell
  19. Lock Up Your Daughters - Frederick Jaeger, Terence Cooper, Keith Marsh
  20. On A Sunny Sunday Morning - Stephanie Voss, Richard Wordsworth
  21. I'll Be There - Hy Hazell & The Company
  22. Where Is Love? - Keith Hamshere
  23. You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two - Ron Moody, Keith Hamshere
  24. Oom-Pah-Pah - Georgia Brown
  25. As Long As He Needs Me - Georgia Brown
  26. I'd Do Anything - Martin Horsey, Georgia Brown, Keith Hamshere, Diane Gray, Ron Moody
  27. The Ding Dong Song - Tsai Chin
  28. Send Me - Toni Eden
  29. Why The Chicken? - Dave Sampson
  30. Consider Yourself - Lionel Bart
  31. A Handful Of Songs - Tommy Steele
  32. Rock With The Cavemen - Tommy Steele
  33. Butterfingers - Tommy Steele
  34. Water, Water - Tommy Steele
  35. Mad About You - Cliff Richard
  36. Living Doll - Cliff Richard
  37. Little White Bull - Tommy Steele
  38. Sometime, Somewhere - Frankie Vaughan
  39. Walkin' Tall - Frankie Vaughan
  40. Can't Wait - Julian
  41. Little Cutie - Sally Kelly
  42. Kickin' Up The Leaves - Mark Wynter
  43. Do You Mind? - Anthony Newley
  44. Consider Yourself - Max Bygraves
  45. The I Love You Bit - Alma Cogan and Ocher Nebbish
  46. I'd Do Anything - Mike Preston
  47. Wave Your Little Handkerchief - Bruce Forsyth
  48. Spoilsport - The Three Barry Sisters
  49. Bonnie Prince Charlie - The Three Barry Sisters
  50. As Long As He Needs Me - Shirley Bassey
  51. Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be - Max Bygraves
  52. Don't Forget - Anne Shelton
  53. Hide And Seek - Marty Wilde
  54. Easy Going Me - Adam Faith
  55. We Will Never Be As Young As This Again - Danny Williams
  56. Let's Start All Over Again - Shirley Bassey
  57. Over And Over - Bobby Shafto
  58. I Haven't Got You - Anita Harris
  59. Duty Calls - Bryan Johnson
  60. How Now Brown Cow - Lionel Bart
  61. Give Us A Kiss For Christmas - Lionel Bart
  62. I Want To Whisper Something - Lionel Bart
  63. Gas Mask Tango - Lionel Bart
  64. Magic Doorway - unknown singer
  65. The Day After Tomorrow - Lionel Bart and unknown singer
  66. Who's This Geezer Hitler? - Lionel Bart
  67. Opposites - unknown singers
  68. Be What You Wanna Be - Lionel Bart
  69. Now Is Forever - Justin Hayward
  70. Abracadabra - Justin Hayward
  71. So Let It Be - unknown singer
  72. Live And Let Live - unknown singer
  73. Go Where You Must Go / Time To Begin - unknown singers
  74. How Small Can You Get - Justin Hayward
  75. Just Found A Man - Madeline Bell
  76. Just Given Time - Justin Hayward
  77. Take A Giant Stride - Chris Farlowe
  78. Gulliver's Travels - P.P. Arnold
  79. Milwaukee - Lionel Bart & Roger Cook
  80. Thunderball Love Theme - unknown musicians
  81. Thunderball Bossa Nova - unknown musicians
  82. Thunderball Jazz - unknown musicians
  83. Thunderball - unknown singer
  84. Don't Look At Me Just Listen - Lionel Bart
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