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Ten Plagues - A Song Cycle

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Ten Plagues - A Song Cycle
Ten Plagues - A Song Cycle


Ten Plagues is an award winning one-man song cycle written especially for Marc Almond by celebrated playwright Mark Ravenhill (Shopping And F**king, Mother Claps Molly House and The Cut) with the accomplished musical dramatist Conor Mitchell. Ten Plagues is presented here in a special 2-disc package including an all new studio recording of the complete work as well as a DVD of the live stage show filmed at the historic Wiltons Music Hall in East London. Marc Almond plays a character wracked by the loss of friends, lovers, family and sanity in a city in the midst of crisis and disease. He tries to hold on to his humanity despite mourning, grief, despair and the physical isolation that the plague necessitates. Ten Plagues in turn conjures up our reactions to more contemporary pandemics: for example, the fear, hysteria and prejudice about the first victims of AIDS, at the outset referred to as a gay plague; those who suffered were afraid, isolated and made to feel outcasts of society. The piece was performed at the Traverse Theatre at The Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in 2011 and received the prestigious Fringe First Award.


  1. Name
  2. Spring
  3. The Comet
  4. Without a Word
  5. To Dream
  6. Market
  7. The Pit
  8. Farewell
  9. By Day
  10. A New Law
  11. Seeing You
  12. The Wig
  13. The Hermit
  14. Grief
  15. The Quacker
  16. Return
  17. Ten Plagues
  18. Epilogue
  19. Spring
  20. The Comet
  21. Without a Word
  22. To Dream
  23. Market
  24. The Pit
  25. Farewell
  26. By Day
  27. A New Law
  28. Seeing You
  29. The Wig
  30. The Hermit
  31. Grief
  32. The Quacker
  33. Return
  34. Ten Plagues
  35. Epilogue
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