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50 Years: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go?

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50 Years: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go?
50 Years: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go?


Collectively known as the New Lost City Ramblers, Mike Seeger, John Cohen, and Tom Paley were pioneers in the revival of Southern mountain music during the folk music revival of the late 1950s and early 1960s. They brought the sounds of genuine old-time string band music and early bluegrass to eager city and college audiences who had grown disillusioned with the commercial pap of the folk boom. This set features two previously released CDs of the Ramblers classic Folkways recordings: The Early Years, 1958-1962 with the original trio, and Out Standing in Their Field: Volume II, 1963-1973, with Tracy Schwarz replacing Tom Paley. A newly compiled third disc, Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go? celebrates the band's 50th anniversary in 2009, presenting more choice Ramblers selections along with their field recordings of the traditional Southern musicians who inspired them including: Dock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb, Tom Ashley, Maybelle Carter, Elizabeth Cotten, Eck Robertson, Cousin Emmy, Reverend Gary Davis, Kilby Snow, Dillard Chandler, Dellie Norton, and the Balfa Brothers. 81 tracks, over 3 1/2 hours of music, 88-page booklet over 3 CDs. Disc #3 includes 6 previously unreleased songs.


  1. Name
  2. Colored Aristocracy
  3. Hopalong Peter
  4. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
  5. When First Unto This Country
  6. Sales Tax on the Women
  7. Rabbit Chase
  8. Leaving Home
  9. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
  10. Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again
  11. I Truly Understand You Love Another Man
  12. The Old Fish Song
  13. The Battleship of Maine
  14. No Depression in Heaven
  15. Dallas Rag
  16. Bill Morgan and His Gal
  17. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  18. The Lady of Carlisle
  19. Brown's Ferry Blues
  20. My Long Journey Home
  21. Talking Hard Luck
  22. The Teetotals
  23. Sal Got a Meatskin
  24. Railroad Blues
  25. On Some Foggy Mountain Top
  26. My Sweet Farm Girl
  27. Crow Black Chicken
  28. John Brown's Dream
  29. Riding on That Train 45
  30. The Titanic
  31. Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind
  32. Cowboy Waltz
  33. Shut Up in the Mines of Coal Creek
  34. Private John Q
  35. Old Johnny Bucker Wouldn't Do
  36. I've Always Been a Rambler
  37. Automobile Trip through Alabama
  38. Who Killed Poor Robin?
  39. My Wife Died on Saturday Night
  40. Little Satchel
  41. Black Bottom Strut
  42. The Cat's Got the Measles, the Dog's Got the Whooping Cough
  43. Dear Okie
  44. Smoketown Strut
  45. The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake
  46. Fishing Creek Blues
  47. '31 Depression Blues
  48. Black Jack Daisy
  49. Victory Rag
  50. The Little Carpenter
  51. On Our Turpentine Farm
  52. Parlez-nous à Boire
  53. Valse du Bambocheur
  54. Old Joe Bone
  55. Colored Aristocracy* - The Rich Family
  56. Cluck Old Hen - Wade, Crockett, and Fields Ward
  57. Young Emily - Dellie Norton
  58. Going Down the River - New Lost City Ramblers
  59. Billy Grimes the Rover - New Lost City Ramblers
  60. Pretty Little Miss - New Lost City Ramblers
  61. Dark and Stormy Weather - New Lost City Ramblers
  62. Sioux Indians - New Lost City Ramblers
  63. Moonshiner - New Lost City Ramblers
  64. Long Lonesome Road - New Lost City Ramblers
  65. Cotton Eyed Joe - New Lost City Ramblers
  66. New White House Blues - New Lost City Ramblers
  67. Milwaukee Blues - New Lost City Ramblers
  68. Poor Old Dirt Farmer - New Lost City Ramblers
  69. Cady Hill* - Arthur Smith & Sam and Kirk McGee
  70. I Belong to the Band - Rev. Gary Davis
  71. Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotten
  72. I'm Leaving You - Sara Carter Bayes and Maybelle Carter
  73. Walking Boss* - Clarence Tom Ashley
  74. Mother's Advice* - Dock Boggs
  75. Hills of Mexico - Roscoe Holcomb
  76. Galax Rag* - Kilby Snow
  77. Say Old Man, Can You Play a Fiddle?* - Eck Robertson, Tracy Schwarz & Mike Seeger
  78. Awake, Awake - Dillard Chandler
  79. Bowling Green* - Cynthia May "Cousin Emmy" Carver with the New Lost City Ramblers
  80. Madeleine - Dewey & Rodney Balfa, Allie Young, & Weston Bergeau
  81. Fishing Creek Blues - Sue Draheim, Mack Benford, Eric Thompson, Jody Stecher, Hank Bradley, Will Spi
  82. Sally in the Garden - New Tranquility String Band & friends*indicates previously unreleased trac
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