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Creation's Journey: Native American Music

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Creation's Journey: Native American Music
Creation's Journey: Native American Music


Presented by the National Museum of the American Indian. From powwow music to Christian songs in Cherokee to Irish reels, Native peoples from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Bolivia present living traditions and crossovers to Euro-American musics. Recorded in New York City and Washington D.C., in 1992 and 1993. Package includes detailed notes in a beautifully illustrated booklet. An eloquent expression of enduring creativity, vibrant cultural life, and diverse artistry. 64 minutes. "A wondrous exhibition of Native American music." TSC Entertainment News


  1. Name
  2. Prairie Chicken Dance - Blackfoot Crossing Singers
  3. Scalp Dance/Victory Dance - Commanche
  4. Two Step: Inform Your Grandma - D.J. Nez/Navajo
  5. Crown Dance - White Mountain Apache
  6. Butterfly Dance - Tewa
  7. New Women's Shuffle Dance - Young Nation/Seneca
  8. Constitution Breakdown - Lee Cremo Trio/Micmac
  9. Sheehan's Reel/Pigeon on the Gate - Lee Cremo Trio/Micmac
  10. A Beautiful Life - Kingfisher Trio/Cherokee
  11. On The Jericho Road - Kingfisher Trio/Cherokee
  12. Helana - Yup'ik
  13. Hello Song - Yup'ik
  14. Ladies Dance - Kwakiutl
  15. Peace Dance - Kwakiutl
  16. Sata Kallta - Comunidad Aymara de Laqaya, Aymara
  17. Axawiri Imilla - Comunidad Aymara de Laqaya, Aymara
  18. Son de la Danza de los Mixes - Zapotec
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