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Movie / Tv


'Car 54 Where Are You?', from the same comic genius who wrote The Phil Silvers Show (Sergeant Bilko), comes to DVD for the first time. Car 54 Where Are You?, one of the best loved and funniest TV series of all time finally comes to DVD for the first time. All 30 episodes of the first season (1961-62) are included in a set of 4 DVDs, each newly remastered from the only known set of 35 mm fine grain prints. The show was the brainchild of Nat Hiken, already famous for his highly acclaimed Phil Silvers Show (Sgt. Bilko), and many critics feel Car 54, with its quirky story lines, offbeat characters and hilarious dialogue even surpassed Bilko as a comic masterpiece. The show stars Joe E. Ross as Gunther Toody and Fred Gwynne as Francis Muldoon, a lovably inept squad car team that patrols New York's Bronx district. Specifically shot as a bonus for this release is a 30 minute round table conversation between comedian Robert Klein and cast members Charlotte Rae (Sylvia Schnauser) and Hank Garrett (Officer Ed Nicholson).


  1. Name
  2. What Happened To Thursday
  3. No More Pickpockets
  4. Quiet! We're Thinking
  5. The Gypsy Curse
  6. Love Finds Muldoon
  7. Who's For Swordfish?
  8. Toody's Paradise
  9. The Beast Who Walked The Bronx
  10. Put It In The Bank
  11. The Courtship of Sylvia Schnauser
  12. The Taming of Lucille
  13. Toody and the Art World
  14. Boom, Boom, Boom
  15. Toody and Muldoon Crack Down
  16. Home Sweet Sing Sing
  17. Catch Me On The Paar Show
  18. How Smart Can You Get?
  19. I Love Lucille
  20. Something Nice For Sol
  21. The Auction
  22. Today I Am A Man
  23. How High Is Up?
  24. Change Your Partner
  25. Muldoon's Star
  26. The Paint Job
  27. Won't Go
  28. Get Well, Officer Schnauser
  29. Thirty Days Notice
  30. The Sacrifice
  31. Christmas At The 53rd
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