Singin' In The Bathtub

Singin' In The Bathtub

The New Century Ragtime Orchestra

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The New Century Ragtime Orchestra was formed by a group of enthusiasts in 1998 to preserve and play Ragtime in an arranged band setting. Over the years the repertoire has expanded to include early Hot Dance tunes and Classic Jazz of the 1920s.

The band has also expanded from its initial eight members to the current thirteen and the repertoire boundaries have now increased to the early 1930s thus taking music from the early days of Ragtime to the beginning of the Swing Era. In 2002 the band released its first CD which, although recorded by LAKE Records, was issued on the American specialist label, Stomp Off.

The repertoire on this new CD ranges from 1903, 'The Belle Of The Phillipines to the dangerously modern 'I'm Through With Love' from 1931. It includes the familiar - 'I Can' Give You Anything But Love' - through to the obscure - 'The Terror'. The band is probably unique in the UK, but this is no po-faced or comic recreation: the band takes its music seriously, but the enjoyment and enthusiasm of the musicians is clearly evident.

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Song Title Time
1 Doin' The New Low-Down -
2 Reindeer Rag -
3 Guilty -
4 Everybody Loves My Girl -
5 Black Beauty -
6 You'd Be Surprised -
7 Gonna Get A Girl -
8 Let's Do It -
9 Rose Room -
10 Belle Of The Phillipines -
11 Singin' In The Bathtub -
12 Patrol Wagon Blues -
13 I Can't Give You Anything But Love -
14 Limehouse Blues -
15 She's Got It -
16 I'll Never Be The Same -
17 My Sweet Tooth The Says I Want To (but My Wisdom Tooth Says No) -
18 That Teasin' Rag -
19 The Through With Love -
20 The Terror -