I'm A Romany Rai (2CD)

I'm A Romany Rai (2CD)

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The widely acclaimed "Voice Of The People" series continues with four further volumes of the finest Traditional Song, edited by Dr Reg Hall and compiled by some of the foremost folksong experts.

Shirley Collins was invited to select and present this remarkably powerful collection of songs by Southern English Traditional Singers from classic recordings made in the 1950s by Peter Kennedy and Bob Copper.

The emphasis in the presentation of this widely acclaimed series of the Voice of the People has been weighted towards the social lives and values of the performers. Shirley Collins is particularly well-appointed for working on the material contained in this volume and I'm a Romany Rai is that she knew Peter Kennedy and Bob Copper at the time they were making these recordings. She worked with both of them in various ways and was caught up at the time only thumbnail sketches. Some of the singers remain obscure

2 CD set in jewel case with 80 page booklet and slipcase.

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Song Title Time
1 Phoebe Smith: I'm a Romany Rai -
2 Tom Willett: The Roaming Journeyman -
3 Janet Penfold: Won't You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender? -
4 Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of Sweet Primroses -
5 Charlie Scamp: How Old Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid? -
6 Mary Fuller: Oh, What a Life -
7 Wally Fuller: The Game of Cards -
8 Charlie Scamp: Come, Father, Build Me a Boat -
9 Sheila Smith: Dear Father, Pray Build Me a Boat -
10 Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany -
11 Tom Willett: The Rose of Ardene -
12 Rebecca Penfold: Meeting is a Pleasant Place -
13 Jack Fuller: Briny O'Then -
14 Wally Fuller: The Bold Drunkards -
15 Chris Willett: The Little Ball of Yarn -
16 Jack Fuller: Green Grow the Laurels -
17 Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of the Sweet Dundee -
18 Charlie Scamp: Young Leonard -
19 Pho -