The Barley Mow (CD+DVD)

The Barley Mow (CD+DVD)

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Astonishing field recordings and a film made in Suffolk by Peter Kennedy in the 1950s, a rich record of a community steeped in traditional song and singing.

As early as 1949, Peter Kennedy had begun making field recordings of traditional music in the West Country of England on his own initiative and at his own expense with a factory prototype tape recorder lent to him by a friend. During the time the recordings included in this CD/DVD collection were made, 1953-1956, Peter was working part-time for the EFDSS and part-time for the BBC, and in his free time he engaged in projects of his own and those he shared with Alan Lomax; although Peter undertook his own recording trips to Suffolk in 1952, he and Lomax did not meet up in Suffolk until October 10th 1953, to record singers at the Ship in Blaxhall, then onto Swefling the following day to record Harry List.

Peter had been keen to record traditional music and dance performance on film, and Lomax attended the first day of filming at the Ship in November 1955.

June 1956 saw Peter in the area again, this time recording Phoebe Smith, her neighbour Jim Baldry, Bob Roberts, Jumbo Brightwell and Edgar Button. With this wealth of recorded material, Peter laid the foundations for future research into a region rich in traditional music, dance and song.

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Song Title Time
1 The Nutting Girl - Cyril Poacher -
2 Nancy of Yarmouth - Fred Ling -
3 Newlyn Town - Bob Scarce -
4 Maggie May - Geoff Ling -
5 General Wolfe - Bob Scarce -
6 The Yellow Handkerchief - Eli Durrant -
7 The Oak and The Ash - Edgar Button -
8 The Herring - Edgar Allington -
9 The Northamptonshire Poacher - Jim Baldry -
10 The Knife on the Window - Harry List -
11 The Sailor and his Truelove - Arthur Smith -
12 Muddley Barracks - Jumbo Brightwell -
13 Three Jolly Sportsmen - Bob Scarce -
14 Blow The Candle Out - Edgar Button -
15 Hares in the Plantation - Jim Baldry -
16 Fagan the Cobbler - Wickets Richardson -
17 The Broomfield Wager - Cyril Poacher -
18 Good Luck to the Barley Mow - Jack French -
Song Title Time
1 Good Luck To The Barley Mow - Arthur Smith -
2 The Nutting Girl - Cyril Poacher -
3 Fagan The Cobbler - Wickets Richardson -
4 General Wolfe - Bob Scarce -
5 Pigeon On The Gate - Step-Dancers & Fred Pearce -