Laughter with a Bang

Laughter with a Bang

Blaster Bates

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Blaster Bates has become a household name in the UK, for not only did he enjoy the reputation of being Britain's leading professional demolition expert - but by virtue of his prodigious extrovert sense of humour and an almost inexhaustable supply of stories about his exploits he became a unique entertainer. Uncover your ears for some explosive humour. Recorded in 1967, he entertains his listeners with a variety of big and bold anecdotes. Blaster Bates died in 2006 at the age of 83.

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Song Title Time
1 Introduction; Hints On The Use Of Explosives -
2 Big Mack From Connemara -
3 Island In The River Dane -
4 The Pub That Changed Colour -
5 The Hunt -
6 Oulton Park; The Naming Of 'Knicker Brook' -
7 Saltworks And Canal -
8 The Shower Of - Over Cheshire -
9 Batesy In The Graveyard -
10 Widening The A5 -
11 Mammy -
12 All Our Heads Will Roll -