Prodigal Son (Deluxe Edition Reissue) (2CD)

Prodigal Son (Deluxe Edition Reissue) (2CD)

Martin Simpson

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Considered by many in the folk world as one of Martin Simpsons finest albums, Topic are proud to present here in their 80th year the first release on the Topic Treasures imprint, deluxe issues of classic Topic albums from the label. This release is the classic album in all its glory along with a bonus disc of live tracks hand-picked by Martin Simpson himself.

Originally released in 2007, Prodigal Son was hailed a classic, receiving 4- and 5-star reviews in such publications as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Daily Express and Observer while Folk publications such as fRoots raved about its wonderment!

Tracks like 'Duncan & Brady' an American ballad originally recorded by Leadbelly and 'Good Morning Mr. Railroad Man clearly indicate Martin Simpsons love for traditional American roots music and the wonderful Randy Newman track 'Louisiana 1927' delve into historical event territory.

One of the stand out tracks if there is such a thing on this album of quality is 'Never Any Good' a song about Father and Son relationship. In truth the whole album is a true tour de force and a beautiful body of work from one of the greatest guitar players in the world.

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Song Title Time
1 Batchelor's Hall 04:45
2 Pretty Crowing Chicken 02:53
3 Lakes Of Champlain 04:36
4 She Slips Away 03:18
5 The Granemore Hare 05:55
6 Mother Love 01:52
7 Little Musgrave 05:54
8 A Love Letter 03:14
9 Duncan & Brady 02:41
10 Never Any Good 05:23
11 Good Morning Mr. Railroad Man 03:27
12 Louisiana 1927 04:19
13 La Rivolte 01:52
14 Andrew Lammie 09:18
15 Kit's Tune / When A Knight Won His Spurs 05:18
Song Title Time
1 Lakes Of Champlain (Live) -
2 Batchelor's Hall (Live) -
3 Duncan & Brady (Live) -
4 Pretty Crowing Chicken / Hiram's Tune (Live) -
5 Strange Affair (Live) -
6 Never Any Good (Live) -
7 Good Morning Mr.Railroad Man (Live) -
8 I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (Live) -
9 Love Never Dies (Live) -