Vision & Revision: The First 80 Years Of Topic Records (2LP)

Vision & Revision: The First 80 Years Of Topic Records (2LP)

Various Artists

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Landmark, deluxe compilation to mark the 80th anniversary of Topic Records, the oldest independent record label in the world. 20 exclusive tracks by the cream of British folk music revisiting songs from Topic's vast back catalogue. Both gatefold double vinyl and double CD feature deluxe, silver foil blocked, debossed artwork.

'Vision & Revision' is a unique celebration of folk music, as a crop of contemporary artists delve into Topic's treasure chest, pull out all manner and variety of ballads and broadsides and breathe new life into them.

Topic Records has established itself as not only the pre-eminent British folk music label but one widely respected throughout the world. Topic has released some of the most influential folk recordings of modern times by a host of revered artists, from Anne Briggs to Peggy Seeger to June Tabor to Ewan MacColl and many, many more.

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“"Folk music never goes away. You may not hear it, but it is always there, just over your cultural horizon. It lives in families, in communities, in the villages and towns and cities, and in the hearts of the people. Each generation takes what it needs and gives what it can to the tradition, each wave of newcomers turning another furrow, sowing new seeds. For eighty years, Topic Records has played a major role in this process, ensuring the old voices are still audible and creating a space for those that hear them to make new recordings of their own. Formats come and go, but like the music, Topic endures. Long may it do so."”

Billy Bragg
Song Title Time
1 Beaulampkin - Martin Simpson [SIDE A] -
2 Jack Frost - Peggy Seeger [SIDE A] -
3 She Moves Through The Fair - John Smith [SIDE A] -
4 The Banks Of Sweet Primeroses - Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker [SIDE A] -
5 Seven Gypsies - Oysterband [SIDE A] -
6 Searching For Lambs - Nancy Kerr [SIDE B] -
7 The Deserter - Sam Lee [SIDE B] -
8 Go Your Way - Kitty Macfarlane [SIDE B] -
9 As I Roved Out - Lisa O'Neill [SIDE B] -
10 Fable Of The Wings - Chris Wood [SIDE B] -
Song Title Time
11 Dirty Old Town - The Oldham Tinkers [SIDE C] -
12 Workers' Song - Rachael McShane & The Cartographers [SIDE C] -
13 The Light Bob's Lassie - Richard Thompson [SIDE C] -
14 Polly Vaughan - Olivia Chaney [SIDE C] -
15 Napoleon's Dream - Martin Carthy [SIDE C] -
16 I Wish My Love Was A Cherry - Lisa Knapp [SIDE D] -
17 Shawnee Town - Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys [SIDE D] -
18 Bay Of Biscay - Emily Portman & Rob Harbron [SIDE D] -
19 Nancy Of Yarmouth - Eliza Carthy & Olivia Chaney [SIDE D] -
20 The Sea Captain - Lankum [SIDE D] -