Rooted (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)

Rooted (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)

Martin Simpson

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Singer, songwriter and guitar virtuoso Martin Simpson will release his brand new studio album "Rooted" on August 30. Produced by Andy Bell and recorded in Sheffield and Oxfordshire, Rooted will be available on CD, LP and digital with the deluxe 2CD and deluxe digital versions including a bonus disc of instrumentals, Seeded.

Summing up the themes of his new album, Martin says: "The music and songs embrace nature and travel, mental health, real life stories, loss, politics and history... and the threads that bind all this together can be followed back a long way, to 1965 when I got my first guitar and started to soak up material and ideas at a very rapid rate."

"Rooted" features an array of stellar guest musicians, including Nancy Kerr (fiddle and viola), Andy Cutting (melodeon and diatonic accordion), Liz Hanks (cello), John Smith (electric guitar and vocals), Ben Nicholls (string bass and electric bass guitar), Julie Matthews (vocals), Alan Barnes (clarinet), Max Simpson (vocals), Amy Smith (vocals), Chris While (vocals) and Tom A Wright (drums and percussion). Richard Hawley and Dom Flemons contribute backing vocals and bones respectively to first single 'Neo'. As well as vocals, Martin himself plays banjola, 5-string banjo, 6-string fretless banjo, electric bass guitar and electric and resonator guitars!

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Song Title Time
1 Trouble Brought Me Here -
2 Kimbie -
3 Born Human -
4 Ken Small -
5 Hills Of Shiloh -
6 Henry Gray -
7 Who's Going To Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot? -
8 Queen Jane -
9 Joe Bowers -
10 Fool Me Once -
11 Kingfisher -
12 Neo -
13 More Than Enough -
Song Title Time
1 Arbutus Turnaround -
2 A Blues -
3 Bonny Kate -
4 Mama, It Ain't Long -
5 Queen Jane (Instrumental) -
6 Waenglapiau -
7 Who's Going To Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot? (Instrumental) -