The Bonny Labouring Boy (2CD)

The Bonny Labouring Boy (2CD)

Harry Cox

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These discs showcase one of the worlds greatest ever traditional singers, Harry Cox is considered the most important and finest among the great English traditional singers of the 20th Century. What set him apart was his remarkable vocal style and vastrepertory of songs.

The recordings on this double CD were specially selected from rare sources to show the depth of repertoire and the matchless quality of performances that were Harry Cox's special gift. Mostly made in the '50s and '60s there are over 2 hours of superb recordings previously unissued and mastered to the highest standard available. This high quality release contains an extensive 60 page booklet with rare photos, a detailed biography and notes and lyrics to all songs included.This is a landmark release - Harry Cox's influence is apparent on just about every English revival singer of the last several decades. "The Bonny Labouring Boy" is destined to be the seminal recording from the English Tradition.

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Song Title Time
1 'You Must Get The Tune First...' -
2 The Female Drummer -
3 'People What Don't Like To Hear An Old Song...' -
4 Two Jolly Butchers -
5 Polka (Melodeon) -
6 'When I Sing A Song My Mind Is On It...' -
7 Bold Archer -
8 There's Bound To Be A Row -
9 Betsy The Servant Maid -
10 Firelock Stile -
11 The Green Mossy Banks Of The Lee -
12 The Pretty Ploughboy (Song/Fiddle) -
13 The Watercress Girl -
14 A Week's Matrimony -
15 The Black Velvet Band -
16 A Hornpipe (Fiddle) -
17 The Maid Of Australia -
18 Alone, Alone In London -
19 Miss Doxy -
20 The Bonny Labouring Boy -
21 The Good Luck Ship -
22 The Fowler -
23 In Scarborough Fair Town -
24 I Had An Old Hoss -
25 The Green Bed -
26 A -