Out Of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa By Storm

Out Of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa By Storm

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From 1932 the HMV record label marketed a series of specially targeted records of Cuban Music, initially to West Africa but later throughout the entire continent, the famous GV series. It was an overwhelming success, with around 250 discs issued between 1932 and 1958. The influence of these discs and the Latin music they contained changed the face of African music. The GV series was so popular throughout Africa, that it was not just those with access to a gramophone and the records themselves that heard it. It was on the radio and local bands would copy the numbers when playing live. The Latin rhythms were so pervasive that they incorporated them into their native music forms and they became part of the African culture and the African music we hear today.

This compilation gathers together 21 gems from the HMV GV series, recorded between 1929 and 1953, in an outstanding design incorporating entertaining and informative notes, rare and exciting photographs and graphics from the period. The music is dynamic and exciting and the sympathetic remastering brings out the best from these classic discs.

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Song Title Time
1 El Manicero (The Peanut Vendor) - Trio Matamoros -
2 Elixir De La Vida (Elixir Of Life) - Trio Matamoros -
3 Mujer Celosa (Jealous Woman) - Trio Matamoros -
4 Amparo - Sexteto Habanero -
5 Falsa Eva (False Eva) - Septeto Matamoros -
6 Tu Veras (You'll See) - Septeto Matamoros -
7 Lamento Esclavo (Slave's Lament) - Rico's Creole Band -
8 Alla Va (There It Goes) - Canario Y Su Grupo -
9 Menealo Que Se Empelota (Stir It Up Or She'll Get Annoyed) - Orquesta Victor Antillana -
10 Sufrimiento (Suffering) - Pinta Y Su Grupo -
11 Moin Aime, Doudou Moin (My Love, My Sweet) - Rico's Creole Band -
12 Alegre Conga (Happy Conga) - Orquesta Hermanos Castro Canto -
13 Boton De Rosa (Rose Bud) - Vicente Sigler Y Su Orq. -
14 La Guajira (Country Woman) - Don Azpiazu Et Son Orchestre -
15 Cachumbambe - Antonio Machin Et Son Orchestre Cubain -
16 Elube Chango - Xavier Cugat And His Waldorf Astoria Orchestra -
17 Dundumbanza - Arsenio Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto -
18 Babae - Trio Yara Y Abelardito Valdes Y Su Grupo -
19 Aires Cubanos - Trio Yara -
20 Madalena - Rico's Creole Band -
21 Juizeiro - Luiz Gonzaga -