Poetry & Languid Charm: Swahili Music from Tanzania

Poetry & Languid Charm: Swahili Music from Tanzania

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As recorded music developed in the early part of the 20th century, there was more and more pressure to capitalise on indigenous music in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. This was not some sort of altruistic preservation exercise that the commercial record companies were engaged in. They saw a market and wanted to exploit it, selling the records in the countries where the music originated.

On the East African coast, site of the present day Tanzania and Kenya, there was a "gold rush" fever in the 1930s to record the local music stars. The music they recorded was mostly "taarab", sung poetry accompanied by an instrumental ensemble that played with both traditional African rhythms with Arabic influences and used Arabic and Indian instruments. As the records and ensembles grew ever more popular, the ensembles also grew in size and the arrangements in complexity. This exciting music is being released on CD for the first time.

Poetry Aand Languid Charm is digitally re-mastered to the highest quality from original 78 rpm discs held in the British Library Sound Archive.With its superb sound, extensive and informative notes and annotation with a wealth of fascinating period photographs and graphics which achieved significant press and good sales.

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Song Title Time
1 The Yearning Keeps Increasing In My Heart - Jauharah Orchestra -
2 There Isn't One Who Wouldn't Desire You, If You Clean Yourself Up - Jauharah Orchestra -
3 You Are a Cat - Siti Binti Saad & Group -
4 Don't Be Greedy - Siti Binti Saad & Group -
5 Sheikh Salim's Song - Egyptian Musical Club -
6 Taksim (Improvisation) On the Nahawand Maqam-Song For Two Instruments - Ramazan Na Subeit Bin Ambar -
7 Oh, Lord Of Heaven - Children Of the El-Hasanain Koranic School -
8 I Am Ill, My Fellow - Egyptian Musical Club -
9 Cassava Of Jang'ombe - Siti Binti Saad & Ground -
10 Like a Wodden Boat With Outrigger - Siti Binti Saad & Group -
11 Ee, Baba Pakistani - Alwatan Musical Club -
12 Nahawand No.2 - Bom Amberon -
13 There Is No End - Alwatan Musical Club -
14 I Am Done With Being Questioned - Siti Ganduri -
15 I Desire a Flower (Love) - Maalim Abdi -
16 Where Is the Message? - Alwatan Musical Club -