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Jerry Goldsmith - 40 Years Of Film Music

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Jerry Goldsmith - 40 Years Of Film Music
Jerry Goldsmith - 40 Years Of Film Music


Jerry Goldsmith - 40 Years Of Film Music by Various Artists


  1. Name
  2. The Blue Max: Overture
  3. The Blue Max: First Flight
  4. The Blue Max: The Bridge
  5. The Blue Max: The Attack
  6. The Blue Max: Finale
  7. Television Themes Medley: The Man From U.N.C.L.E./Doctor Kildare/Room 222/The Waltons/Barnaby Jones
  8. In Harm's Way: Intermezzo/The Rock/Final Victory
  9. Motion Pictures Medley: The Sandpebbles/Chinatown/A Patch Of Blue/Poltergeist/Papillon/The Wind And
  10. The Generals: MacArthur/Patton
  11. Tora! Tora! Tora!: Main Title
  12. The Wild Rovers: Bronco Bustin'
  13. Pursuit: Pursuit
  14. The Wind And The Lion: Raisuli Attacks/I Remember-Love Theme/Lord Of The Riff
  15. QB VII: Main Title
  16. QB VII: Holocaust
  17. QB VII: Visit To The Sheikh
  18. QB VII: The Wailing Wall
  19. QB VII: Kaddish For The Six Million
  20. The Waltons: The Waltons
  21. Papillon: Out To Sea
  22. Police Story: Police Story
  23. The Omen: Suite
  24. Capricorn One: Overture
  25. The Swarm: The Bees Arrive/End Title
  26. The Boys From Brazil: Waltz/The Boys
  27. The (First) Great Train Robbery: Overture
  28. Alien: The Nostromo/End Title
  29. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: End Titles/Klingon Attack
  30. Masada: Main Themes
  31. Poltergeist: Main Theme
  32. First Blood/Rambo II: Rambo II Theme/It's A Long Road From First Blood
  33. Twilight Zone: The Movie: Suite
  34. Under Fire: Prelude
  35. Under Fire: Bajo Fuego
  36. Under Fire: A New Love
  37. Under Fire: The Rebel March
  38. Gremlins: Suite
  39. Baby-Secret Of The Lost Legend: Baby's Alive/End Titles
  40. Legend: Faerie Dance/Reunited
  41. Lionheart: Robert's Theme
  42. Rambo III: Questions
  43. Total Recall: Main Theme
  44. Star Trek: Voyager: Star Trek: Voyager
  45. Basic Instinct: Main Theme
  46. The Russia House: Love Theme
  47. Gremlins 2: The New Batch: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
  48. Medicine Man: The Trees
  49. The Shadow: The Shadow
  50. Forever Young: Forever Young
  51. First Knight: Arthur's Fanfare/No Surrender/Arthur's Farewell
  52. Powder: Powder
  53. Airforce One: Main Title
  54. L.A. Confidential: L.A. Confidential
  55. The Mummy: Sand Volcano/Love Theme
  56. The Haunting: The Haunting
  57. Star Trek: Nemesis: Suite
  58. The Sum Of All Fears: The Mission
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